My Cure For Diabetis, Hepatitis, Stroke, HIV, Others Is Permanent – Nigerian Scientist

    By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    A researcher and medical scientist, Prince Ayodele I. Adeleye has said that his discovery for permanent cure for chronic diseases like diabetis, strokes/paralysis, hepatitis, cancer, is not in contention.
    He also disclosed that the diseases which also include BP, Ulcer, Epilepsy and Sickle Cells, saidĀ to have no cure, according to world medical records history, are respectively submitting to his therapy.
    The Nigerian scientist said to have overtime discovered cure for HIV/AIDS, also claimed to have improved on the therapy and now reducedĀ it’s treatment and cure to less than a week, including kidney and other damaged organs.
    Prof. Adeleye, a honorary professor, made public, the break through, last week after an age – long research where he excelled in establishing cure in the nine (9) ailments believed to have no permanent cure, the world over.
    The researcher Adeleye, had his first degree from the Laboratory Science department of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, as the best graduate, and was retained immediately after graduation as a lecturer as well as staff in medical lab department of the university teaching hospital, ABUTH, owning to his performance.
    Majored in parasitology, Adeleye rose to the position of principal staff in the lab department of ABUTH, and retired after successful carrier as federal civil servant to established a research centre in Kaduna metropolis.
    In a chat with our correspondent, at the “Yaro Medicare Nigeria limited, of the Research Centre”, located in the heart of Kaduna, Adeleye said more research on other ailments are still in pipeline.
    In a hand bill made available to our reporter, permanent cure for diabetis takes only a month, stressing that it’s the first and only one of its kind in world.
    On Hepatitis, the cure, according to Adeleye, is instantaneous and takes only a day, while cure for all kinds stroke or paralysis, at any level inclusive, takes only three days, respectively.
    Curatives, according to the claimant, include all types of cancer, including leukemia, are also instantaneous, and take only one day for treatment and cure, while that of ulcer is one day.
    “Work on full cure of epilepsy and sickle cell have also been completed, and permanent cure also found,” he said.
    The science research expert has also improved, and reduced cure to less than a week on HIV/Aids cure, including kidney, plus other organs damaged as a result of prolonged Anti-Retro viral therapy, adding however that, patients would test negative five days after treatment.


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