War: Aladja Community Threatens To Wipe Off Ogbe-Ijoh If They Attack

    Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State
    Aladja Community Council in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State on Saturday threatened to wipe off the Ogbe-Ijoh people on the map of Nigeria if they attack their Community, AUTHENTIC News Daily reports.
    The threat is coming a day after a man simply identified as Wilson sustained serious gun shot injuries from a clash between both communities.
    The said Wilson is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Warri.
    The Assistant Secretary of Aladja Community Council,Comrade Ighotegwolor Bezi handed down the threat in a statement signed and made available to AUTHENTIC News Daily
    The Aladja people said,”The fight would be taken uptown to all Udu and urhobo communities where Ijaws have their living.”
    The Aladja people said the Ogbe-Ijoh people have declaration against them.
    The Aladja people claimed that the ijaws accused them before the Joint Task Force, JTF Headquarters of attacking Ogbe-Ijoh and killing some youth and injuring several others.
    According to Aladja Community,”They therefore ask the JTF to stay out of their way as they want to mobilise all their fighters all over the world to teach Aladja a lesson on how not to fight an Ijaw Community.
    The Aladja people denied attacking Ogbe-Ijoh saying Ijaws should look for another accusation to bring on and not this one.
    While noting that they are not afraid of the ijaws, the Aladja Community warned the Ijaws not to attack.
    The Aladja Community said the Ogbe-Ijoh are using the injured man as a bait to bring in the whole of Ijaw Nation into a fight with them.
    The Aladja Community said the injured man who ran away from Ogbe-Ijoh in the wake of the crisis was lured back to town by some persons in the community when they know what they wanted to do.
    “The Ogbe-Ijoh people just lured this poor man to the town and ambushed him in the guise that Aladja people came to attack so that they can win the sympathy of the Gbaramatu people and others.”
    “The wife of the man was said to have accused HRM. Couple Oromoni,the Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh at the Police Station at Ogbe-Ijoh that it it was the Ogbe-Ijoh people who wanted her husband dead and not the Aladja.
    “Our investigation revealed that the Pere queried the woman for not being discrete in the area. That the area where their house was built was too close to Aladja. That they knew the risk involved before going back to live there.”
    The Aladja Community further called on the authorities to investigate those who called the man and his wife to come back to their home.
    He stressed that the people who called them know something every other persons do not know.
    The Aladja Community eulogised the Delta State Governor,Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa on his efforts to see that the two communities embraced peace.
    It stressed that if past governors had done half of what Okowa had put in place to ensure peace reigned there would not have been a broke out of war at all.


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