Nobody Chased APC Woman Leader, Others From Jigbale Market – Udu Council Boss

    The Udu Local Government Government Council on Thursday said that nobody chased the All Progressives Congress (APC) Woman Leader in Ward 6 and others were chased out of Jigbale Market.
    Chairman of the Council, Hon. Jite Brown accused the APC Woman leader of trading on the road as against the laws of the market.
    The Vice Chairman of the Council, Hon. Hon. Justice Iyasere who spoke on behalf of the Council said,”Nobody touched the woman. She is trading on the road.”
    According to Hon. Iyasere, “The market master asked the woman to relocate that trading on the road will not be tolerated.
    “Instead of relocating, the woman started saying she was chased away from the market to blackmail to the market master and whip up political sentiments for her benefits.
    ” I think I align mysmyself with the position of the market master. Her wares were too much on the road. We will not allow it even though the market is for everybody to trade.”
    Earlier, it was rumored that one Shedrack Jigbale allegedly chased the APC Woman leader and others out of the market on the grounds that it belongs to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
    The said rumor caused serious tension in the area until AUTHENTIC News Daily sought the views of the Udu Council authority on the matter.


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