Delta Communal Clash: Army Lied, They Killed Our People, Aladja Community Insists

    An injured victim
    Aladja Community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State on Wednesday said the Nigerian Army lied insisting that they (Army) killed nine of its indigenes during the renewed war with Ogbe-Ijoh people.
    The Army had denied the allegations of killing nine Aladja indigenes in a chat on Tuesday.
    President of Aladja Community Council, Mr. Elias Dogene said,”If the Army authority deny, it means they’re not being truthful to the oath they swore to defend the citizens of this Country.”
    Dogene who was represented by the Assistant Secretary of Community, Comrade Ighotegwolor Bezi said Aladja indigenes did not shoot at the Soldiers as they alleged.
    Dogene said the soldiers used an Armoured Personnel Carrier in unleashing the dastard and murderous acts on defenceless citizens in Aladja.
    He said many of our people were wounded by the soldiers and yet they’re denying the allegations.
    Dogene called on the President Muhammadu Buhari’s led Federal Government to set up a “Probe Pannel Committee” to probe the Army Officer who led the team, Maj. Hassan.
    According to Dogene,”If they’re saying that they did not shoot anybody, let them come, we will take them to the mortuary to see the corpses themselves.”
    “Are we saying people just fall and die and they see bullets in their bodies?
    “Government should take up this matter. We are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to set a probe panel to probe the Army Officer who led the team, Maj. Hassan.
    “The information we got is that, so many of the team that came were Ijaw boys. So, if they probe this, who he came with, we will get it because the Ijaw Community who is fighting against Aladja.
    “The Aladja Community was facing very serious attack and Aladja was repelling them when this Army came in. We don’t know who brought them but the information we got was that Otuaro brought them.
    “Otuaro gave this Maj. Hassan money to shoot at sight. Thank God you the press went through the clinic and saw casualties.
    “That small girl, did she carry gun? Did she carry arms? So, if the Army authority is denying, they should set up a probe panel committee to probe the team who came.”
    Meanwhile, AUTHENTIC News Daily Correspondent who was in Aladja Community today filed in photographs of some persons who were allegedly injured by the soldiers.
    One of the photograph indicated that there was a building riddled with bullets wherein one of the injured persons was allegedly shot.
    The injured victims were allegedly shot at different locations are currently receiving treatment at two different undisclosed hospital in Udu Local Government Area.
    Some of the injured victims whose faces appear in photographs includes, Miss Joy Sunday a 15yrs old girl.
    Others are Edirin Oviri (32yrs old), Jonathan Esakpaide (32yrs old. They were shot on top a motorcycle along Iyeghe road.
    John Odudu, Julius Ogbedi (35yrs old), Fosarhe Godspower (37yrs old), Mrs. Roseline Otike (she fainted she heard her sister was Utevwejicheko Chipi was shot), Mr. Emmanuel Obulegbe (49yrs old), Efe Kebeke (34yrs old) and Endurance Kogba (32yrs old).
    They in separate chat with AUTHENTIC News Daily denied shooting at the Soldiers during the recent war with Ogbe-Ijoh people.
    AUTHENTIC News Daily also visited the families of late Obukohwo Ovien, a sixty year old man, Avwirorosuo Sodje as well as that of Mr. Matthew Arebo whose wife, Mrs. Charity a.k.a, Mama Onome were allegedly shot dead.
    In a chat with our correspondent, Bassey Ovien said the soldiers shot his younger brother, Obukohwo Ovien, dead.
    “it is true soldiers killed my brother. He was praying at the shrine when he was shot. It is not only him, they also shot other people. He was killed in front of our house.”
    Frank Ovien, eldest of the late Obukohwo lamented saying,”Ijaw people are using soldiers to fight us” just as he demand a total withdrawal of the soldiers from the community by the Federal Government.
    Henry Sodje said the soldiers killed his younger brother, Avwirorosuo Sodje with Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC).
    “The Army shot my brother with Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) as he was standing in front of the compound in Ekregwhare.
    Henry said the soldiers also dragged and injured another man on the floor after killing his brother.
    Henry called on the Federal Government to probe the killings of innocent citizens of Aladja Community by the soldiers in the interest of justice.
    Mr. Matthew Arebo said, Soldier shot my wife, Charity saying,” My wife was among the Ewheya (Women Group) protesting at Ekrehware quarters in the Community.”The soldier shot her die.”
    Another injured victim


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