Prince Of Wales Meets Traditional Rulers In Abuja

    Traditional rulers at the CAAGI Learn a lesson event in Kaduna on Thursday June 28, 2018.


    On the first day of three-day visit to Nigeria (6-8 November), The Prince of Wales has met with several of Nigeria’s traditional leaders: Sultan of Sokoto, Ooni of Ife, Shehu of Borno, Oba of Benin, Obong of Calabar, Emir of Kano, Etsu of Nupe, and Obi of Onitsha.

    Having met His Excellency President Buhari earlier in the day, the Prince also wanted to hear about the diverse experiences of the different leaders and about their respective regions. The meeting acknowledges the important role that traditional leaders have in the country’s development and cultural life, including resolving conflicts, and advancing issues such as education and women’s empowerment.

    The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have been on a nine-day tour of West Africa, also visiting The Gambia and Ghana, everywhere celebrating historic and modern UK-African ties as well as the shared legacy of the Commonwealth.


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