Alleged Threat To Life: Delta Police Arrests Two Suspects, Others On The Run

    The broken protector and store.
    The Police “A” Division in Warri, Delta State has arrested two suspects over an alleged threat to life and property, malicious damage of market women goods and perishable products and others just as other suspects have escaped.
    The arrested suspects include Dennis Essi and Madam Oyibo Essi. Who were alleged to have come to the igbudu number one (1) “with over 30 boy’s to assassinate,  kill me and destroy the market.”
    Those who escaped are, Evuarhere Atiewor, Tony Ofodu, one Ovo who was allegedly involved in a prison break matters, Voke, Oghenevwegba and Tobore, grand children of late Essi, Blessing Godbless and Showkey.
    They were said to have threatened the life of the Chairman of Igbudu Community, Amb. Pius Ogheneovo Oyiboaga as well as damage the property of market women.
    At the time of filing this report, the Police is still investigating the matter.
    Narrating how the incident occurred, the Chairman of Igbudu Community, number one (1),  Amb. Pius Ogheneovo Oyiboaga alleged that, “They threatened to assassinate me, but I was not moved.
    “In the process they threw stone at my head with a mighty block but God saved me out then the stone passed the corner of my head nearly got to me. But God helped me.
    “Immediately, somebody pushed me inside a store with very strong protector all around,  locked me inside for safety,  but they where all shouting we must kill him.
    “During the process, they broke one side of the protector to assassinate me,  but before then I had called the police who came  and saw little of what the boys had damaged on ground.”
     He claimed that Madam Oyibo Essi before now had illegally collected revenues from traders (women) at Igbudu Market square forcefully.
    Oyiboaga noted that the market square belongs to the Igbudu Community pointing out that Madam Essi had allegedly carried out the unlawful act without the authorization of the community.
    “She collect the money from the women using diabolic powers. When the Elders talked, she insulted and used diabolic powers on them.
    “She oppresses the market women and says they should be paying unnecessary revenues. She does increment of the revenue.
    “She seizes the loads of the market women. Before the they are released, sometimes they get spoilt. She still uses diabolic powers to fight the women.”
    Oyiboaga claimed that Madam Essi warned the traders to stay away if they cannot  yield to her demands.
    “The market women wrote a letter to the Elders who invited her but she (Madam Essi) said the community has no right.
    ” Elders were set up a committee to look into the matter and they agreed to give (Madam Essi)  a percentage and set up a task force to monitor the market.
    “Essi family came out to the market fully ready for war when I got a distressed call.
    “Before I arrived, they had already chased away the market women and destroyed their goods.
    “The Essi family said the market women should come to Essi Compound in Essi Layout but I insisted that the community owns them and their family.
    “I later mobilized some of my youths to the market where I met one Austin Essi who appealed that I leave the matter.
    “Suddenly, Dennis Essi who has been parading himself as a lawyer came with over 30 boys with daggers, knives and bottles. They scattered the market and destroyed property. They attacked the market women.
    “Austin Managed the situation and.I called the Divisional Police Officer, DPO. I also made entry at the Police Station.
    “The Essi youths resisted arrests and tried to engage the Police in a fierce combat.
    “I am advising the Essi Family to steer clear from the Igbudu Market Square. You cannot fight the community and hold what belongs to her as your own. Community supersedes all and they should work with the orders of the community. “


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