2019: PDP Knocks El-Rufai Over ‘Done Deal’ Comment

    Governor Nasir el-Rufai

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has frowned at the Kaduna State Governor’s statement on the issue of his re-election in 2019.

    A statement signed by the Kaduna State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Abraham Alberah Catoh said that Governor el-Rufai was quoted to have stated that “his re-election was a done deal, despite the risks he has taken to do the ‘right thing’ in the last three and half years” at the National Council on Finance and Economic Development Conference holding in Kaduna .

    The party equally stressed that posterity will judge Governor Nasir el-Rufai negatively, because of his anti-people policies.

    The PDP wondered why the governor and APC who sacked over 50,000 civil servants and replaced them with about 20,000 would claim to have created jobs for the youths and empowered the women after sacking their parents and breadwinners from their places of work.

    “At the 14th October, 2018 event, Governor el-Rufai was escorted into the venue by the fiercely looking “Kato da gora” youths, wielding dangerous weapons and taking over the jobs of Security Agents, and these were part of the same people used in robbing the PDP of its victory at the last Local Government elections.

    “El-Rufai illegally removed over 1,000 traditional rulers and their staff from their positions

    “He claimed to have also brought reforms in the Education, Health and Economic sectors, whereas he has actually destroyed the civil service and wasted over N10 billion in his defunct “school feeding” programme without commiserate results.

    “Junior Secondary School (JSS) Examination were conducted, and they are yet to be marked due to the governor’s refusal to pay the examiners,

    “The Governor and the APC regime has no single project initiated and completed by the Administration; there is a complete infrastructural collapse in Kaduna State, due to lack of maintenance culture of the El Rufai regime”.

    “We want Nigerians, especially citizens of Kaduna State to take note of the governor’s planned rigging of the forth coming elections”.

    “It started with the APC governorship primaries,where they claimed that Governor El Rufai scored over 1.9 million votes, in an ordinary primary election ,even when the formerly revered President Buhari could not score above 1.3 million votes, at his prime, scored in the 2015 general elections,as it were.

    “One begins to wonder how possible it is for governor el-Rufai to score as much votes as they claimed he did in the APC primaries ,when the total number of APC card carrying members in Kaduna State is not up to one (1) million.

    “The PDP had observed from the onset, the planned rigging of elections by the APC right from the Local Government elections in the state, where a lot of unwholesome irregularities were recorded .

    “The APC and its merchants are busy deceiving voters and buying their voters cards across Kaduna State

    “We believe the Independent Electoral Commission(INEC) will not stoop so low, as the Kaduna State Independent Commission (KADSIECOM) did in the last Local Government elections in Kaduna State.

    “We make bold to challenge the Governor to tell the world his achievements in the last three years, six months of his administration, where there is nothing to show commensurate to the billions of Naira he has received from the Federation Account, Paris Club Refund, Bail outs, first and second tranche, loans and grants and also the  IGR of N1.6/7 billion monthly,” it stated.

    PDP said that the Kaduna State voters are not unaware of the Governor’s media propaganda about his so called “performance”, and that was the more reason why the APC suffered an unprecedented  election defeat at the Local Government elections, which they  collaborated with Security Agents and SIECOM to rob them of the mandate given to the PDP at the final announcement of the results by the State Independent Electoral Commission (SIECOM).

    • “The PDP is also calling on all its teeming supporters and Kaduna State citizens to keep track of events as they unfold towards the general elections of 2019, as we will not allow our mandates to be stolen as the APC did in the Local Government elections of 2018,” it concluded.


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