Oil Chief Urges FG To Avert UN Projected Population Explosion



    Managing Director Oilserv Nig Ltd, Dr. Emeka Okwuosa, has urged the Federal government to start putting measures in place to avert the projected Nigeria population explosion in 2050.

    Okwuosa said this in Nsukka on Thursday while delivering the 48th University of Nigeria Nsukka  convocation lecture titled “Infrastructural Development :A Key to Economic Growth and Development In Nigeria”.

    He said that United  Nations projection that if Nigeria population rates continued uncontrolled the country would be over 290 milion in 2050 should be a concern to everybody as it would put serious pressure  on available Infrastructure.

    “United Nations projects that if Nigeria continues In it’s present population growth it will be  among four populous countries  in the world with over 290million in 2050
    “the issue of  population growth if not controlled will hamper positive economic growth and put serious pressure on available infrastructure in the country in 2050.

    “Government should arrest this looming and imminent disaster to save the country from this population explosion “he said
    The MD attributed the country poor economy  to shift from agriculture based economy to crude oil and gas in 1960 which made Nigeria to become a mono oil economy.

    “Nigeria has performed abysmally low in terms of infrastructure development essential for rapid good economic growth.

    “it is imperative that economic growth  and development of Nigeria  be accelerated and facilitated by the provision of quality infrastructure framework that will contribute to improving the quality of life ,” said.


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