Deltans Express Worries Over Ritual Killings

    File photo: Remains of the victim of ritualists beheading in Delta
    Deltans on Monday expressed worries over the spate of ritual killings across Delta State by suspected fraudsters otherwise known as “Yahoo Boys” as well as some Politicians.
    They spoke with newsmen Monday  in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State.
    They also blamed the rise in ritual killings by the Yahoo Boys who are ritualist  on the failure of parents to train their children in the ways of God.
    The also alleged that officials of some Security Agencies sometimes collect their share of the proceeds of the ill-gotten wealth from the suspected Yahoo yahoo  Boys the moden Ritualist.
    When AUTHENTIC News Daily  correspondent went round town on Monday in Warri  to sample opinions on the recent ritual killings in the state,  Omo Tejiri said, “The suspected Yahoo Boys do not only defraud white men as they make people to believe with their computers,  they have graduated into ritual killings.
    Tejiri said, “They use charms and all sorts of sacrifices to make money. They drive expensive cars and spend money anyhow, with lawlesness
    Even with the rampaging of rotual killings everywere in town,  ladys still have low mentality as one Oke Edafe from warri south in a chat with AUTHENTIC News Daily correspondent said yahoo boys don’t kill but politicians kill.
    While chatting with her, a lady who was a victim instantly said I have been a withness and victim. The yahoo boys are the ones killing people,  Miss,  Ogaga Orunor also said even the politicians don’t kill like the internet fraudsters.
    Tejiri also said the parents are the problem of all these. “They welcome children home with ill-gotten wealth. These are children who have not worked anywhere before. Even those working cannot drive the cars these boys carry about.
    “A lot of persons are being killed by these boys on daily basis and no one is saying anything. It is worrisome.
    ” Parents should learn to disown any child or children who come home with wealth they don’t know the source in addition to their prayers to God. That way,  we can begin to talk of a secured and better society.
    “After all,  the Bible says,  train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old,  he will not depart from it.
    ” In Warri you will see parents accompany their Yahoo Children to church for thanksgiving and the churches will accept it. This is a misnormal”.
    Also in a chat with Engr. Emmanuel Abamba, he  attributed the cause of ritual killings to greed for money and covetousness.
    He stressed, “People want to get rich quick at all costs. The rate at which ritual killing is going in this state is something else.”
    Abamba who also blamed parents for their failure to properly train their children said the security agencies have not done enough to protect the lives and property of Deltans.
    Abamba stressed that, “Security agents are part of the conspiracy of the ritual killings.”
    “In this town,  we learnt that it seems the security men that are supposed to arrest these boys are collecting money from them.
    “They go to their ATM and collect certain amount of money from them. That means, they are encouraging it.”
    Abamba also urged the security agents to wake up from their slumber and bring to justice any suspected ritualists in the state.
    “I learnt that each business they hit,  all the top military men have their own share. I am begging the government, individuals to provide jobs for our youths. An idle mind is the devils workshop.”


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