Buhari A Political Rogue, Coward – Dr Sani Bello

    PDP's Presidential hopeful, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (right) with Dr. Sani Bello.
    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    “Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) are running a government peopled by political  rogues and charlatans who  know nothing about how  to fight corruption or economic crimes. In fact , the Buhari’s government is the most corrupt in history.”
    These are the views of Dr .Sani Bello, the Chief Strategist of Atiku campaign organization .
    According to Dr. Bello who was just returned to Abuja from  the PDP rally held at Ibadan, looting is seriously going on in Buhari’s government unchecked with no deterrent.
    “What happened to Mr. David Lawal Babachir, has he been jailed? Who returned Lawal Rashid Lawal Maina to Nigeria and promoted him? Who is the owner of the billions of dollars found at an Ikoyi apartment? What happened to the allegations by the minister for state for petroleum? Have the actors been prosecuted and jailed?” He queried.
    “If you want to talk about corruption Buhari’s administration is a compendium and dictionary of  corruption. Everything about Buhari reeks of corruption,” he added.
    On the issue of signing the electoral law bill, Dr. Sani is of the opinion that Buhari is afraid of losing the election in 2019 hence, his refusal to sign the law, adding that it makes him a political coward.
    “Can you imagine the man who in 2011 asked voters to stay and guard their votes is now afraid of a law meant to make electoral process transparent?” He asked rhetorically.
    Dr .Sani further lambasted the Buhari administration as luke warm and a lame duck right from inception.
    He said that Nigeria has lost over 15 millions jobs since 2015 despite the promises Buhari made about creating three million jobs very year.
    On the issue of paying N5,000 to poor Nigerians, he asked, “how many Nigerians have received N5,000,00 from Buhari and how many measures of rice or garri can N5,000 .O0 buy?
    “This is a promise and fail administration,” he added
    Nonetheless, Dr.Sani added that whether he refuses to sign the bill or not, he would lose woefully and Atiku would be the next President.


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