Zamfara Killings: Arewa Youth Forum Expresses Worries, Backs State Of Emergency

    File photo: Weapons recovered from armed bandits by Army in Zamfara on June 23, 2018.
    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    Arewa Youth Forum (AYF) has expressed worries over the future of Zamfara State following spate of unabated killings, while backing imposition of state of emergency in the state.
    This was expressed in a statement signed by the National Director Public Affairs
    Arewa Youth Forum, Bello Abdulhamid.
    “On security, the group said that following the recent killing of not fewer than eighteen (18) persons in Birane village in Zurmi LGA of Zamfara State, and the spate of unabated killings in the State as a whole, the AYF said it is very worried about what the future holds for good people of Zamfara‎ State and all other States where incessant attacks, killings, kidnappings and banditry have become the order of the day, and Nigeria as a whole.
    “In this year alone, hundreds of residents have been killed, others maimed and displaced‎. Also, many were kidnapped and had to cough out their meager resources in this excruciating economic situation to pay ransom for the release of their loved ones.
    “This state of affairs has reached a very disturbing level, hence the recent public reaction of riots against this seemingly insurmountable threat to lives and properties,” it said.
    The AYF however, appreciated and saluted the courage and patriotic sacrifices being made by the gallant men and officers of Nigeria’s Armed‎ Forces, the Nigeria Police and other security agencies.
    “However, we are also, forced to advice our Service Chiefs and Heads of other security agencies to, as a matter of urgent national emergency, employ a paradigm shift in their rules of engagement with terrorists, bandits and other criminals by modernizing their security gadgets, purchase digital and state-of-the-art modern surveillance drones and other equipments, in-line with international best practices.
    “They need to have superior fire power in‎ order to save not only the lives of citizens but our gallant men and officers who sacrifice their lives daily,” the group advised.
    It warned that ultimately, the sovereignty of Nigeria like any other country in the world needs to be preserved.
    “Furthermore, we call support the imposition of STATE OF EMERGENCY in Zamfara State immediately so that this ugly security threat will be cleared and the full wrath of the law will descend on the Criminal elements and personalities involved,” it added..
    The group however, said that no leader among all of those aspiring has his selflessness, integrity, fear of God as a motivating principle and a conscious, resolute and uncompromising drive to face the battle against corruption head on as well as serve the Nigerian citizen with all his might, hence, the Arewa Youth Forum endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term.
    “In spite of challenges from the selfish and greedy individuals, who are busy, struggling to truncate his determined efforts to sanitize and serve Nigeria.
    “To complement this, the vital issue of delivery of democracy dividends by the Federal Government is driven by the interest of ordinary peoples.
    “Consequent to the above, which is a tip of the iceberg on the current state of affairs in Nigeria, the AYF ‎hereby ENDORSES Mr. Integrity, President Muhammadu Buhari to continue and serve a second term,” it stated.
    ” We therefore call on all youths and women to support PMB so that Nigeria “go better for the Nigerians Citizen”. It stressed.
    On agriculture, the group said it has  observed a resurrected interest, an awakening spirit among local/small holders farmers due to the appreciable resurgence or renaissance of Agricultural activities.
    “Life has returned to rural communities, whereby youth, women and other vulnerable groups are now empowered and gainfully employed. Available records show that at least 7 million youths are now involved in farming and it is projected that 20 million jobs will be created through the Agricultural value chain in the long term.
    ” It is interesting that the Federal Government’s project, The Green Alternative (TGA‎), which is a major policy thrust aimed at building an agricultural business economy capable of delivering sustained prosperity by meeting domestic food security goals, generate export of cash crops, support sustainable income and job creation and equally serve as a departure from our dependence on a mono economy of oil.
    “As a compliment to this, N80b has been disbursed‎ to over 385,000 small holder farmers in 34 States. Interestingly but not surprising, is the example of the local rice farmers of Kebbi State, where hundreds have become millionaires. To complement this activity also, the required ‎ funding mechanisms through the CBN Anchor borrower scheme and other funding windows available at Federal Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments are in place,” it observed.
    AYF said that every economy and every nation needs a robust infrastructure, and available information backed by practical and verifiable infrastructural projects is all over the 36 states of this great country.
    “Quite interestingly, these projects involved inherited ones, abandoned ones and newly initiated ones. These projects are at various stages of completion while some have been completed. Road constructions/rehabilitations are ongoing across all States as well as power related projects‎ etc.” It added.
    It noted that presently, there is a paradigm‎ shift in approach to governance.
    “Consequently, fiscal discipline and controlled expenditure through the implementation of Treasury Single Account (TSA) has reduced incidents of uncontrolled expenditure and shady handling of funds which are directed from entry to Government coffers, has been grossly checkmated,” it said.
    The group said the  resolution was made by all structures of AYF in Nigeria and the Diaspora.
     Arewa Youth Forum (AYF), the Premier umbrella platform of all Youth organisations in the North, which has structures in the Nineteen Northern States, some Southern States, the FCT and the Diaspora has watched with keen interest the unfolding developments in our dear country.


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