2019: Group Knocks Buhari, APC, Backs Atiku/Obi Candidature

    Alhaji Atiku Abubakar


    A group known as the Concerned Citizens Forum of Nigeria at the weekend, knocked President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying, “This present government has failed the people and it is breeding insecurity” just as it backed the candidature of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Mr. Peter Obi as the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming elections.
    The group made the assertion during a press conference in Warri.
    The National Coordinator of the group, Amb. Anthony Nwangu Ejiofor said the Nigerian economy has collapsed under the watch of President Buhari.
    Ejiofor who spoke extensively called on Nigerians to vote out the All Progressives Congress, APC and President Muhammadu Buhari out of power in the forthcoming elections.

    “I can tell you today that APC has no agenda for the progress of this country. The only agenda they have is to advance the Usman Danfodio policies.
    “I can assure you that this administration has no clear cut blue print as to how to advance this country to the next level. But I tell you, we will change this country as one man.
    “We the Concern Citizens Forum of Nigeria, made up of able men and women, we are going to make sure that Nigeria changes from the status quo. We need someone with fresh ideas who knows what capitalism and economy means.
    “The APC government has been borrowing money without investing it on capital projects that will bring profits. They are borrowing to carry out concurrent projects.
    “How can a man borrow money to do a naming ceremony. That does not make sense. You borrow to invest so that when the profit comes you have money to carry out that ceremony because you want to ensure this tomorrow.
    “Today, the money that PDP could not borrow for the sixteen years they were going to in Government, the APC government has borrowed that money for only three years, yet they want to come back. 

    “When Obasanjo left Government crude was sold at twenty-one naira and dollar was N110 to a dollar. When Jonathan left in 2015 crude oil was sold for 42 dollars and the dollar was 190/200 to a dollar.
    “When APC took over they told us that they have a magic wand to turn the dollar to a naira and we applauded them and voted them into power. “That vote they got was not gotten from the people. We all know that 80% of the vote Buhari got were gotten from not using the card reader.
    “We the Concerned Citizens of Nigeria led by Ambassador Anthony Ejiofor Nwangwu, as it stand today to let Nigerians know that Buhari is not ready to improve the lot of Nigerians.
    “If not why is he trying to advance the cause of Fulani herdsmen. We all know that it is only when we have elections that Fulani herdsmen stop killing people in the country. But as soon as elections are over, the Fulani herdsmen will start all over again.

    “Today the country is being led by men who do not have integrity. We must vote APC out of government because APC is a canker worm that is eating into the fabric of the country.
    “Today I am using Dangote as a case study. This is a man who was worth 25 billion naira in 2015 but three years down the lane his net worth is not more than 10.5 billion naira. If this can happen to Dangote, what about the ordinary Nigerians.

    “Today Nigerians are the most poorest people on earth. If care is not taken, in the next 50 years Nigerians will be eating themselves.
    “Today we spend all our money on concurrent expenditures because our overhead cost is too expensive.
    “This is the reason why Atiku has been talking about restructuring and we are aligning ourselves with him. We may not know much about the man, Atiku, but this is the man that is clamouring for change because he understands the economy.

    “We are saying that every unit in Nigeria should be allowed to grow at their own pace and this is why we are aligning ourselves with Atiku. 

    “Atiku and his Vice, Peter Obi are very grounded in business and they know a lot about the economy of the country. Abia state was a very vibrant economy during Peter Obi’s tenure. 
    “Obi saved 540 million dollars when he was leaving office. How was he able to do it. He cut down on the expenditure of the state. Nigeria cannot be running this kind of government when people are dying.
    “It is time for men of good conscience to stand up and say no to those who want bring this country down. Nigeria is not growing under President Buhari.

    “Any change President you bring to Nigeria will fail because the foundation is faulty. Unless you restructure this country it can never move forward.
    Amb. Ejiofor said,”In this election we are giving our support to Atiku and Obi because these men understand the economy. We are not talking about integrity now, because even the Mr integrity that they are talking about today has failed.

    “The international observers have said that Nigeria is more corrupt than it used to be in 2015. So where is the Mr integrity. When Buhari came he said he was going to fight corruption. But today Nigeria is worse. Silk this government has nothing to offer us.
    “Let me give you an example of the grass cutter. Til date he has not been prosecuted but instead he is now working with the government.
    “Orji Uzor Kalu jumped bail while he was standing trial for over 10 billion case. Today he is roaming around without been arrested. This means Buhari has nothing to offer Nigerians.
    “We were told that he is an old general and in history we learnt that how thwarted democracy in 1980. 
    “History should be introduced back to our schools because if history was been thought in our schools, Buhari cannot become the President of this country. This is the reason why they removed history from our schools.
    “Crude oil has gone up yet the naira is still weak compared to the dollar. Nigeria has comparative values in oil over any other country that does not have oil. This means that they cannot produced oil and they have to buy from us.
    “This means that they are going to spend so much dollars in buying crude oil from us. I’d they buy crude oil from us with so mush dollar that means we should have so much dollar in in Nigeria. 

    “Today because of the high price in crude oil, the value of the dollar is not supposed to be high. But what do you see today and this means that some people are benefiting from this dollar tree racketeering.
    “Nigerians don’t understand simple economics. The value of crude is high as of today. I’d they are going to buying the crude in dolars, it means Nigeria has so much naira because they will have to change the dollars to naira.

    “Today dollar is pegged at 42 naira per barrel. Where is the excess going to. This means someone is benefiting from this racket.
    “It is obvious from all analysis that rules government that President Buhari has no legitimacy to continue to administer the affairs of this nation.”
    The group hailed former President Goodluck Jonathan saying that his administration that has built and given dividends of democracy to the people.
    According to the group,”All we have been having since,is autocracy. That was a government listens to the voice of the people. But what do we see today. If government does something that is bad the people revolts, you will be sent to jail.
    While noting that there are five factors that sustains every government, tue group said one of them is the economy. 

    “When the people are hungry, they will revolt against you. So you must make good policies to attract foreign investment and make your economy stable sothat the citizens may be comfortable and the rate is crime may be low. This present government has failed the people and it is breeding insecurity.

    “The number two factor is security. This keeps a nation moving and this is why each nation spends so much money in keeping its borders secure.”How can a president of a country go outside all and say to the whole world that the killings going in his country is being carried out by foreigners from outbid Libya? This is a clear justification of failure in your party because you swore an oath to protect the territorial borders is your country.
    “Three is ethnic and religious harmony: Since I was born Nigeria has never beings this divided as we see our today. The ethnic nationalities are more divided today than before because the policies of some people.”There is nepotism, rationalism that has never been recorded in the history is Nigeria. There is no harmony in our main today.
    “Four is foreign policy: I can tell you today that the federal government does not have any foreign policies.
    “Foreign investors are pulling out there money because they do not know the foreign policy is Nigeria. And this is why a president could go to a foreign land and begin to say that my people are criminals. What do you think the foreigners will do when they hear this.
    “Five is the protection of the fundamental human rights is the citizens. What is happening in the nation today. The court, which is supposed to be the last hope is the common man has been bastardized.”The outside world no longer believe in our democracy because they don’t believe in our judicial system anymore. 
    “We were thought in school that there is separation of powers in democracy. We have three Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary.

    “But today the executive is prosecuting judges. The Nigeria Bar Association has its own mechanism of dealing with corrupt judges. Today the Chief Judge is Nigeria is facing the tribunal for failing to declare his assets.

    “These are people who are being bribed with dollars. The common and simple logic is life is that the fundamental human right is every citizen must be protected. During the civil war, children and women were more killed. But today, children and women are being killed every day.
    Ladies and gentlemen of the press, considering all these factors listed above, the present administration has failed woefully. This is why today, someone may come into your farmland, destroy your crops, rape your wife and take your prison and nobody will say anything.

    “We have lost all our rights as human beings. The Fulani herdsmen can take over your farmland and there is nothing you can do about it. People were killed in Jos, Plateau and the head of the Fulani herdsmen came out to say that they killed the people because the people killed their cattle.
    “We have lost every sense of nationality today because the common human rights is the people have been eroded and Nigeria cannot survive another four years of this government.”


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