NNPP Guber Candidate Says Only Focused Leadership Can Tackle Bauchi State’s Problems

    Bauchi State Huber candidate, Ambassador Shu'aibu Ahmed Adamu

    By KATO P. LSDAN, Kaduna

    The myriad of problems facing Bauchi State cannot be tackled without creating a change of leadership of the state.
    The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) Gubernatorial candidate, Ambassador Shu’aibu Ahmed Adamu expressed this, while reacting to questions from our correspondent in Bauchi at the weekend.
    “I am contesting because it is now very clear that we cannot tackle the problems facing Bauchi State and solve them unless we first create change at the helm of affairs in the state today,” he said.
    He pointed out that after three years of hopelessness, Bauchi needs a focused leadership.
    “After three years of deep slumber, Bauchi State today needs strong, creative, purposeful, focused, credible and God fearing leadership in the Government House.
    “Leadership committed to true transformation; leadership that can re-invent our battered vision of governance. It is time for action by a new generation of leadership,” he charged.
    The NNPP Gubernatorial candidate said that when his party is elected into office, it will remain focused on the needs, hopes and dreams of the ordinary people of Bauchi State.
    “We will give the poor and middle class relief through creating new opportunities for a more meaningful life,” he assured.
    Speaking further, he stressed that it is their resolve to provide jobs, shelter and reclaim young people in cities across Bauchi State from violence, drugs, despair and hopelessness.
    “We will strive to build a new Bauchi State which will be anchored on transparency, good governance and genuine commitment to uplift the quality of life of the citizens,” he vowed.
    He pointed out that all over the world, young men are taking position of responsibility and leadership, rolling up their sleeves to tackle big problems of the society, adding that Bauchi State should not be left behind.


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