Help Us With Modern Tools, Kaduna Stone Crushers Beg el-Rufai

    Governor Nasir el-Rufai

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The Association of Quarry Union in Kaduna State has called on the state government to assist their members with modern tools of work to ease their work. The deputy chairman of the association, Malam Alqasim Sa’id made the call while speaking to our correspondent in Kaduna. 
    “There are attendant personal risks as well as environmental hazards associated with quarrying, starting from the very first activity; rock blasting. 
    The huge natural-occuring rock first has to be broken down into smaller manageable boulders.
    The government, contractors and society at large benefited from this association particularly on construction of roads, bridges, houses, culverts among others.
    The Deputy Chairman of the association, Malam Alqasim Sa’id appealed to government, and private organizations to partner with the association in the areas of tools of works and loan scheme to better the life of their members.
    He said the association had accommodated more than ten thousand youth both literate and illiterate as part of efforts their contribution to unemployment in the state.
    Alqasim Sa’id laminated that stone crushers have increased over the years, and the activity has become a viable business venture for young ones.One of the crushers, Bello Salisu said government cannot provide jobs for all and called on youth to be self-reliant and should not allowed to be used by selfish politicians.
    He said, as tedious and physically demanding, as stone crushing is, ironically, youth are the most victims, spending hours crushing stones with granite and suffering exposure to harsh working conditions.
    However, Bello Salisu said the profits were enough incentive for their members.

    On his part, another stone crusher, Kabiru Salisu said lack of government’s support was their biggest challenge.
    He called on government to help them with conducive working environment and working tools that can make their work easier. 
    A second generation stone crusher, who is a husband to two wives and many children, Mohammed Kabir Malali,  explained that It was from the work that he feeds his family particularly saving and catering for his children’s school fees.
    The association also appealed to Bank of Industry and that of Agriculture to consider their members in their schemes.


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