No Militants In Ayakoromo – Community Chairman

    Ebibofa Richard Azeez


    The Chairman of Ateco Community in Ayakoromo, Ebibofa Richard Azeez has  condemned a publication online and statement of one Barr, Demebide Arekedoumene pele dated  4th March 2019.

    Comrade Richard Azeez made the condemnation in a press release issued on Wednesday in Ayakoromo Community in Delta State.

    He said there was no election killings in the community like the Barrister is saying. 

    “The attention of Ayakoromo Community has been drawn to a publication on dated 4th March, 2019 in which some careless and erratic statements have been credited to one Barr Demebide Arekedoumene Pele which were made at the just concluded Town Hall meeting at PTI where the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was present”.

    In his words, the Barr, who came out to make such statement against Ayakoromo that was peaceful in the last concluded presidential election doesn’t want the Ayakoromo Community’s progress and therefore condemns the call for military invasion on the good, peace and  loving people of Ayakoromo Community.

    “How can a Barrister say a thing like the following.  “We need security in the riverine areas, those areas should be militarised. All the militants should be arrested, if not, they will claim victory next Saturday.

    “He went further and said “Ayakoromo Community is harbouring militants and that Unit 21 is a camp” and also maintained that “there was no elections in Burutu, Bomadi, Patani and Warri South West LGAs.”

    Comrade  Richard Ebibofa  therefore, said “for  the avoidance of doubt, there is no iota of truth and sincerity in his claims as Ayakoromo is a law abiding community where indigenes go about their legitimate business.

     “The Ayakoromo community has not allowed its territory to be used for illegitimate and illegal gathering since the Nigerian military invasion in 1st December, 2010.

    “The said Barr Demebide Arekedoumene Pele is known to be making such careless statements for his personal aggrandizement and to satisfy his parochial and primordial interest.

    “The election materials which he claimed were hijacked is untrue as the Bomadi LGA chairman of the APC Mr Paul Amabiri Azobor has debunked his statement saying that,
     “I want to unequivocally state here that Bomadi LGA election materials were not hijacked as claimed by the impostor claiming Ijaw.” 

    “The APC chairman stated further “The plan/call to militarise the Ijaw communities will be resisted because no life was recorded lost in our area. The election in Bomadi LGA was peaceful.”

    “In all, there is no single element of truth and sincerity in Barr Demebide Arekedoumene Pele’s statement.  Ebibofa Richard, Ateco Community Chairman therefore call on “the Nigerian government and the military which is a professional body should as a matter of fact kindly disregard Barr Demebide Arekedoumene Pele’s statements about the Ayakoromo community but hold him responsible since he knows the said militants.

    “Furthermore, the purported call for a shift in the next Saturday’s election in the four LGAs is uncalled for since those LGAs are peaceful. Let’s not create trouble and problem in the Niger Delta because of selfish interest.We encourage INEC to be unbiased, neutral so as to have a free, fair and credible elections come Saturday.”


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