Serving Nigeria As A Soldier Is A Thing Of Pride – Disengaged Young Serviceman

    Corporal Eno Francis (rtd)

    By: Corporal  ENO FRANCIS (rtd) 

    I am proud to be a Nigerian Soldier because everyday I wake up in the morning knowing that I help keep this country alive, that what I do makes a difference.

    Knowing that freedom, democracy and the Constitution would all collapse without a strong military force to protect them. 

     And knowing that anyone can watch the news and support or even judge and criticize what we do, but only we have the courage, bravery, determination, and pride to get the job done. 

     Only we are willing to make the tough decisions, to work the long hours, and make the sacrifice that is necessary to defend a country. Because we are Nigerian soldiers and that’s our job and our way of life. 

     I think you should thank us not just because we wear the uniform but, because we’ve chosen to spend time away from our family so that you can spend time with yours, for honoring our missions, morale and satisfactory fighting efficiency even when we may not always agree with the policies of those in charge, for making it possible for you to do the work you love, with the people you love and respect. and for making the ultimate sacrifice so that you and your family can live another day breathing, loving, and being.  

    If you don’t  stand behind our troops, pls feel free to stand in front of them and salute their courage. We are more than movie stars.  

    We perform live. Finally, i want to use this very medium to appreciate God for a successful disengagement.  

    So happy to have served the Nigerian Army and finally discharged honorably. Been in the military is rugged, painful, sometimes joyful.

    And sincerely speaking, I enjoyed virtually everything about been a soldier.  Such as; Military Tactics and Strategy, Target Practices, Disassembling and Assembling of Rifles, Drill Instruction and above all Discipline.  

    And  in terms of any conflicts in the society which will require the display of Soldiers, I liked the part where our performance there is to help establish a frame work that will let civilians both local and international do what is needed, we arrive in an organize group with our vehicles, communication and our own security, we are good in covering an area like a blanket with a systematic command, control and intelligence network, we also have the capacity to stifle violence permitting cooperation to take rout.  

    And my experience in the battlefield, Practically, It was a frenzy, you either KILL or been KILLED. Its not Nollywood, If you know, you already know, and to God be the glory and His infinite Mercy’s cause in all my endeavors He’s always keeping me at the edge of the safe zone! Believe me or not, Such experience will continue to put history in perspectives.  

    May the Almighty God continue to enhance the COAS with innovative ideas and Leadership skills and strengthen the Nigerian Army professionally, effectively and responsively in it’s fight against terrorism while discharging its constitutional roles. 

    Thumbs up and Happy Easter in anticipation to Soldiers everywhere both stateside and abroad who can’t be with their Families, the Society appreciate what you do for mankind. I’m proudly a Nigerian and i love my Country 🇳🇬 anyone who doesn’t can take a new nationality.  

    Thank you Lord by whose words everything come to be! #MxgFranklin


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