Rains Are Coming, Assist Us With Building Materials, Kajuru IDPs Cry For Help

    Some IDPs sighted at Maraba Kajuru Camp when Christian Aid and Harvesters For Christ Ministry paid separate visits to donate relief materials on Saturday March 23, 2019.

    *thank Kaduna Govt, Christian Aid, Harvesters For Christ Ministry

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    While extending appreciation for support received so far, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kajuru have made a passionate appeal to government, corporate organisations, non governmental organisations and public spirited individuals to come to their aid by donating building materials for rebuilding of their homes.

    Camp Chairman, Maraba Kajuru IDPs, Alipiri Ado made the appeal at the weekend in Kaduna when two separate groups stormed the camp with food and non food relief items.

    He told both groups separately, Harvesters For Christ Ministry and Christian Aid in collaboration with  Centre LSD with support from START Network when responding to donations made that there are three basic needs of humans; food, clothing and shelter.

    “The basic needs of humans are food, clothing and shelter. Two of those needs are been met through generous donations from Kaduna Government through SEMA and non governmental organizations and faith based organisations.

    “The two  met are food and clothing, but the third, which is shelter is very important and requires urgent attention,” he said.
    “You have been magnanimous in donating food and clothing, but we appeal for building materials for shelter,” he said.

    He explained that soon, the rains will come and they are hoping to return to their communities, where the bandits that attacked, burnt down their homes.

    “Some of the buildings would be requiring only wood and roofing sheets, while some that were pulled down would be requiring bricks, cement and roofing sheets,” he appealed.

    He said that four villages were destroyed completely by the hoodlums and they have no rooms to sleep.

    “When you go back, you tell the church that for having us in mind, may God bless the church and all that donated the items,” he told Harvesters For Christ Ministry.

    “We appreciate these unprecedented support from your organization, it is indeed overwhelming. We pray God blesses you abundantly,” he told Christian Aid.

    Items donated by the church included bags of maize, clothes, blankets, instant noodles, washing detergents, while Christian Aid and partners donated a truck load of non food items to 1,352 households, with each getting  6 mats, 6 buckets, washing detergent, sanitary pads, textile materials, children clothing, mosquito nets, bathing soap and other essential items, through the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (SENA).


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