Taxation: KADIRS Says N15m Spent On Enlightenment In 2018

    Participants listening during the two-day Engaging Open Government Partnership Community on the status of the State Action Plant and Dissemination of finding from IRM. In Kaduna on Thursday April 11, 2019. Photo; BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Fifteen million Naira was spent in the year 2018 alone by the Kaduna Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) in creating awareness on the new tax law signed in 2016 by the Kaduna State Government.

    Head of Planning, Research and Statistics, KADRS, Jogen Isaac  disclosed this when fielding questions from participants at the Engaging Kaduna Open Government Partnership (OGP) Community on the status of the State Action Plan and Dissemination of findings from IRM held in Kaduna on Thursday April 11, 2019.

    Last year alone, KADRS spent N15m on sensitization, where we warned that playing any money to anybody is against the law.
    He explained that the new tax law 2016 has prohibited anybody paying any sort of tax to individuals.

    Speaking further, he clarified that some of the issues been raised as multiple taxation are erroneously tagged as taxes.

    “Some of the things you see, them collecting, it is union dues they collect, not taxes. You assume they are collecting taxes, they are collecting union dues,” he added.
    He said the 2016 law also takes care of multiple taxation. 

    “What you don’t understand is that when you are running your business, you are asked to pay KADGIS ground rent, you are asked to pay business premises, etc, it is not multiple taxation, they are for various purposes,” he clarified.

    Participants however, almost turned the session to an interaction as they further probed into several operations of KADRS.
    The well attended forum featured stakeholders from government agencies, civil society organizations and the media 


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