Middle Belt Group Wants Gaya For Deputy Senate President

    Senator Kabiru Gaya


     Middle Belt Network (MBN) has said that the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) and its governing body, the National Working Committee (NWC) should have been the one calling onSenator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya (APC Kano South) to vie for the office of Deputy Senate President of the 9thAssembly and not individuals and concerned citizens.

    The National Coordinator of the group, Barrister Sunday Omeiza stated this in a statement. Omeiza said that the onus was on the party to compensate Senator Gayafor being a founding member of the party and a consistent party loyalist. He explained that the Kano South senator has been one of the party members who has not contemplated defection or engaged in any anti-party activity despite odds.

    The MBN leader also said that performances of the Senator as committee chairman or co-chairman at the red chamber as well as at executing constituent projects was one of the paramount features of the successes of the past four years of the APC in power. He explained that Rivers State people for instance are grateful to Senator Gaya for his role in resolving the crisis in the state house of assembly when there was lingering crisis at state assembly. Pensioners in Nigeria cannot forget the Kano South federal lawmaker in a hurry for restoring their faith in their country over pension administration in the country.  Debt management in the country was becoming a hydra headed problem until Gaya intervened as vice- chairman, Local and Foreign Debts also towed the same line but he was able restore hope in the system. Barrister Omeiza said that Gaya’s record as senator of the federal republic since coming to the senate in 2007 has been legendary.

    The MBN leader calls on the ruling party to present a legacy of good governance to Nigerians by presenting tested leaders. He added that if the APC allows sentiment to becloud their sense of reasoning in electing principal officers for the 9th Assembly, Nigerians will find it difficult to forgive them having gone through turbulent times in the past four years after the charade that  characterised the election of public officers for the red chamber in 2015.  He warned that allowing anything to chance without proper plans will see a repeat of 2015.       


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