Kaduna Hits Gold, To Begin Cultivation Of Medicinal Trees For Exports – Speaker

    Kaduna State Deputy Speaker, Rt. Honourable Nuhu Goro Shadalafiya speaking at the Earth Day event organised by Bridge That Gap at Kaduna State University on Thursday April 18, 2019. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

    *earmarks 1,000 hectares for cultivation


    Plans are in top gear to start commercial production of a medicinal tree and other healthy plants, which will yield properties that will be exported in commercial quantities.

    Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Honourable Aminu Shagali disclosed this when delivering a goodwill message at the Earth Day Celebration 2019 theme, “Protect Our Species” held at the Kaduna State University on Thursday.

    Represented by the Deputy Speaker, Kaduna Assembly, Honourable Nuhu Goro Shadalafiya, he said that already, 1,000 hectares of land is been earmarked for the investors to plant the trees.

    “My friend came from India and showed me a specie of tree behind my house, he told me it was medicinal. 

    He said it is used for ear problems and when we got someone with ear problems, they squeezed some of its fluid in and something came out, immediately, he became okay and he suggested it could make good export if commercially cultivated.

    “Government would approve 1,000 hectares for them to farm palsy along with that particular  product I am talking about for export,” he said.

    Speaking further, he said that in the past, ancestors of the present generation hardly took ill, but presently, several are victims of the present damage done to earth by mankind.

    “When you look back, you will find out our parents never fell sick, because God provided all we need but we abused it,” he said.

    He explained that  because the State Assembly in conscious of the environment and healthy wellbeing of its citizen, they have passed a law against tree felling.

    “Yesterday I passed a law against tree felling. Those who build where they ought not to in areas designated as forests, and others that breach the law will be prosecuted and if convicted, will be fined or jailed,” he said.

    He said that what all should ask themselves is how can I contribute my own part to ensure we protect the earth?
    “Let’s be change ambassadors to what affects the earth. The trees, earth.

    “We at the state assembly ready to partner with anyone who is out to protect the earth and environment.

    “I want to urge our students that let the school pass through you and not just you through the school. You can be good ambassadors when you leave here.

    “We urge our local government areas chairmen that are here present to take this message back home, and let all know that it is important to protect our environment,” he added.

    The event was organised by a non governmental organization, Bridge That Gap, in collaboration with Director, Centre for Energy and Environmental Research Studies, Kaduna State University.


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