Kaduna Assembly Says C Of Os Of Plots Without Trees Risk Non Approval

    Member representing Chikun Constituency in the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Honourable Marcus Yari delivering a goodwill message at the Earth Day Celebration 2019 theme, "Protect Our Species" held at the Kaduna State University on Thursday. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    In order to ensure that the environment is healthy and eco friendly, part of requirement for approval of certifies of occupancy C of Os would be the planting of trees on the plot applying for the important document.

    The House Committee on Environment, Kaduna State House Assembly, represented by member representing Chikun Constituency,

    Honourable Marcus Yari disclosed this while delivering a goodwill message at the Earth Day Celebration 2019 theme, “Protect Our Species” held at the Kaduna State University on Thursday.

    “Some areas that were forests in 30 years ago are now residents, causing serious threat to the Earth. Before you are given C of O in Kaduna State, the government would want to see that you have trees planted in the plot,” he disclosed.

    Yari who represented the  chairman House Committee on Environment,  said that when  trees are planted, it helps the atmosphere. 

    “Our cars, generators and others produce fumes that affect us. But trees take in the carbon dioxide and give us oxygen which we breathe in,” Yari who is a professional scientist added.

    He described the theme of the Earth Day 2019 as an important topic which should be given attention.

    “This is an important topic. Some of the activities we are doing to our environment is really affecting us.

    “There is no way we can live in isolation, we must live in the atmosphere. We take on so many activities that affect our environment. 

    “Kaduna playing host to one of the biggest refineries in the North. For those that live in the are, when they are in production, you know the air is polluted,” he added.

    He attributed the rising cases of heakth challenges being faced by humans to degradation of the environment.

    “Some of the diseases we see these days as a result of all these pollution. I was part of a research, the waste water put in the environment from the refinery is not properly treated before it is discharged There are heavy metals and we use same to water our vegetables. 

    “The texture of the soil is affected. When you eat such and go to the village and come back sick, you would assume you have been poisoned,” he added.

    He stressed that since such activities that destroy the environment was perpetrated by man, the onus lies on same man to find sustainable solutions.

    “We must find solution to the damage we are causing to environment. We should be thinking what can we do, what help can we give to people that are directly affected by such challenges. 

    “Before sinking boreholes we are to check water analysis to find out if it is healthy or not, when we do such analysis, we may be forced to start finding solutions to problems created in our environment,” he added.

    The event was organised by a non governmental organization, Bridge That Gap, in collaboration with Director, Centre for Energy and Environmental Research Studies, Kaduna State University.


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