Allow Peace To Reign, HEKAN President Charges @ Easter

    File photo: HEKAN President, Reverend Amos G. Kiri speaking at the 53rd Annual Convention of the church at Gonin Gora in Kaduna on Sunday April 7, 2019.

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The President of the HEKAN Church, Reverend Amos G. Kiri has called on Nigerians in general and members of his church to make concerted efforts in ensuring that enduring peace reigns in Nigeria.

    He gave the charge in his Easter message delivered on Sunday April 21, 2019.

    “May I also use this medium again to call on all our members and the larger society for the need to allow peace to reign. In recent times, hardly a day passes by without one clash or the other around the country. Peace has eluded many communities due to banditry attacks, kidnapping, robbery and fights. 

    “I therefore want to use this medium to appeal to all and sundry to give peace a chance. The security agencies also must intensify their efforts by keeping watch over the lives and properties of citizens of this country. Nigeria cannot develop if we are not living in peace. Let us join hands and give peace a chance,” he charged.

    In the text of the speech titled, “THE LAMB OF GOD GAVE HIS LIFE FOR MANKIND” he urged all to embrace forgiveness in the spirit of Easter.

    “Though some of us have witness and celebrated many Easter celebrations, it is not out of place to remind us of what Easter is really all about. We celebrate Easter because the work of salvation of mankind was finished successfully on the cross of Calvary when Jesus Christ gave his life voluntary for mankind. He paid the costly price by dying on the cross of Calvary for me and you to be saved from the anger of God on the last day. The great work of forgiveness of sins was accomplished on the cross when Jesus Christ uttered his last words on earth “IT IS FINISHED” (John 19:30) meaning that:-
    *Our sins are forgiven
    *Jesus took our place and died for us
    *He reconciled us with God the Father
    *We are assured of life after death just as he rose victoriously from dead etc.

    “Therefore, as we celebrate this Easter, let us imbibed the culture of Easter, which is forgiveness. If we forgive one another, we are practicing true Christianity,” he said.

    He stressed that the great work of libration from sin has been done on the cross of Calvary. 

    “The Lord Jesus Christ was delivered over to deliver. However, the work of liberation is continues service. Today many people are suffering from all manners of atrocities committed by man. Man’s inhumanity to man is on the increase. Many people are under bondage. They need to be librated. The duty of librating one another falls on all who call themselves Christians.

    “Therefore, we must show love to one another, the type of Love Christ has for us and gave his life for mankind. 

    “Suffering and hardship must not becloud our thinking and cause us to act like the rest of the world. We must continue to shine our light for the world to see.

    “Our purpose on Earth is to add flavour to make the world a better place to live. As salt, we must not lose our flavour as losing it means we will be trampled upon, thereby making the world a miserable and chaotic place to live. We are the light and salt of the world. We must be seen in that light, in and out of season,” he charged.

    Reverend Kiri urged all to see the essence of Easter and thank God for making it possible.

    “As I conclude this short speech, I urge you to remember once again the purpose of Easter. Christ did not die because he committed any crime or any sin. He gave himself willingly to save us from eternal death. Therefore, use this Easter as an opportunity to thank God for the great work of salvation in your life. 

    “The Holy Scripture says, “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but was made alive in the Spirit…and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits…” (1Pt.3:18-19).

    “Since death could not hold him, this is an assurance that when we leave this planet earth, we will live with him forever and ever.

    “I wish you all a peaceful Easter celebration.”


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