Arewa Pragmatic Advocates Decry Smear Campaign Against CBN Governor

    CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele

    *say experts consulted, said tapes were doctored

    A group, Arewa Pragmatic Leadership Advocates has warned  those engaging on what they described as a smear campaign against the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele to desist from such henceforth.

    The group expressed this in a statement jointly signed by its President,  Mohammad Kabir, Secretary. Barr Joy Maisamari and PRO, Comrade Isa. Baba, made available to New Nigerian on Monday May 20, 2019.

    ‘We wish to join other well meaning Nigerians to condemn the on going smear campaign against the person of the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, through doctored and disjointed audio recordings.

    “Many of you are aware of an  audio material which is currently being circulated. The said audio is being used to create negative impressions against some well meaning individuals who have spent a greater part of their productive lives serving this country,” the group said.

    It further pointed out that might be of interest to state  that when they came across the said audio recordings,  they engaged the services of experts who spent lots of time and resources scrutinizing the said material. 

    “After the scrutiny, they gave us a verdict that the audio was nothing more than a poorly doctored and manipulated material that was produced with the sole aim of tarnishing the images of individuals and organizations that were mentioned.

    “It is very unfortunate that people can go to this length just to damage the image of another person or organization.  It is evidently clear that the said audio recording was the handiwork of mischievous people who were positioning themselves and their candidates to take over the leadership of the Nigerian apex bank,” they stressed.

    The group noted that these detractors, who are bent on sabotaging the government of President Muhammadu Buhari by any means possible, are deploying all sorts of tactics. 

    “These tactics includes making sure that any performing appointee of this administration is removed ether by hook or by crook, so that they could push for the appointment of their fellow journey men, who will serve as moles in the government and also sabotage all positive moves being made to improve the lives of Nigerians and put our economy on a sound footing.

    ” To every intelligent person who came across the said audio recordings, one fundamental question that comes to mind is; why wait till Emefiele’s reappointment before releasing the said audio? Why haven’t they released it since?. This is a pointer to the motives behind the audio, which is to drag the name of the CBN governor into mud. These enemies of progress were very disappointed when Mr President recognized his good efforts in revamping our economy and  decided to extend the tenure of the CBN governor Mr Godwin Emefiele. 

    “They know that with Mr Emefiele around to continue the implementations of policies aimed at revamping our economy, their plans of sabotaging the Nigerian economy and portraying President Buhari as a failure will only be a mirage.

    ” Consequently, they went to work. First, they engaged the services of some online journalists and social media influencers to condemn Mr President for reappointing the CBN governor. When that failed, they went to their plan B, which is to malign and tarnish the good images of Mr Emefiele and the CBN heirachy,” they added.

    The group maintained that as advocates of pragmatic and productive leadership, they are duty bound to make sure that these people who want to be a clog in the progressive wheel of our country do not succeed. 

    “We must ensure that our people are well sensitized and enlightened so as to easily identify these enemies of progress when ever they come up with their dastardly acts of mischief,” they emphasized.

    They therefore, called on all Nigerians and the international community to disregard the said audio and continue lending their support to President Mohamadu Buhari and all those he appointed to assist him steer this country to greatness. 

    “Mr Godwin Emefiele is about the best CBN governor Nigeria has had in recent times. His ability to take good decisions and implement policies that are aimed at making our economy among the very best should be encouraged. We should not allow detractors have their way,” they warned.

    They also called on the CBN  Governor and his team to remain focused and undeterred as they continue to add value to the lives of Nigerians. 

    “Mr Emefiele should not succumb to any form of smear campaign and cheap blackmail. All those trying to malign him shall be put to shame in sha Allah,” they concluded.


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