Society Of Landscape Architects Seeks Recognition In Public Service

    Wife of late Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed, Ajoke receiving her award.

    *honours former Imo Governor, late Murtala Mohammed’s wife


    The Society of Landscape Architects has made a passionate appeal for recognition in the public service.

    National President of the society, Mrs Deborah W. Nenchi expressed this during their national conference in Abuja.

    She said the cry became imperative, in view of the society’s quest to  rescue  the environment. 

    She further stated that they will work hard to regulate issues and  inculcate the private sector.

    The Minister of Environment, Suleiman Hassan in a goodwill  message delivered by a representative, expressed his appreciation to the society and gave his support to their cause of enhancing the Nigerian environment.

    Professor Tunji Dejumo in his paper presentation, emphasized the powerful role, mindset and philosophy play in shaping the drive of any change in civilization.

    “The secrete of change is not in fighting the old but introducing a new paradigm, paraphrasing,” he said, quoting from  Socrates.

    He further did a comparative anlaysis between  Nigeria and Dubai noting today that Dubai desert land has transformed into a new land civilization .His presentation revealed that deep parameters are responsible for Nigeria present deplorable state in it’s environment.

    He called on the three arms of leadership which are the professionals, regulators and intellectuals to drive the need for this paradigm shift that will foster a green and health environment.

    Other  key presentation were biophilic library building : the need for green roofs and green walls etc; the challenges of crime in Abuja Parks,a need  for a shift in design philosophy.

    The society of landscape architect in it’s first fellowship investiture on fourteen of its members,  including  wife of late Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed, Dr. Mrs Ajoke Murtala Muhammed and  former Governor of Imo State, Dr Ikedi Ohiakim.
    Dr. Ajoke is a  horticulturist and a passionate advocate for the environment.

    She dedicated her award to all hardworking Nigerian women and commended their courage in facing numerous challenges in Nigeria, in the same vein, the former  state governor dedicates his to all hardworking Nigerian men.

    She called for a Presidential mandate to reserve the health of  the Nigerian environment while comparing Nigeria with Ruwanda, adding that it is a state of emergency.

    quoting from  Socrates.


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