OPINION BY GODWIN ERHERIENE OGHENERO: Politics Of 2023 Responsible For Plot To Oust Kawu Modibbo From NBC



    Some Nigerian politicians are known for playing the politics of dog eat dog, politics without ethics just to get what they want and they don’t care how they get it. This Machiavellian politicians playing the politics of personal interests rather than national interest are some of the main reasons why Nigeria is where it is today, adrift and stuck, neither here nor there. 
    This is the politics that is today responsible for the plot to remove the Director General of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, Modibbo Kawu, the politics of 2023. Has it occured to you why some people are talking of 2023 in 2019? The President has not even been sworn in a second time after winning the just concluded election. These are some of the actors responsible and plotting the removal of Mr. Modibbo Kawu. 
    It might interest Nigerians to know that the current crisis rocking the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) over payment of 2.5 billion naira seed grant for Digital Switched Over (DSO) to Pinnacle Communication Ltd was not legal according to ICPC.
    There is more to all this, it is targeted to see the exit of Modibbo Kawu from NBC. The people responsible want to use their influence in the Presidency to nominate for a new DG that will be a loyalist to the core, someone who will do their bidding towards achieving a smooth media campaign/advert by 2022/2023. Since NBC is the supervising agency to all media houses in Nigeria.
    These powerful group plotting to take power in 2023 believe they can only achieve this through loyalists planted in ICPC. The first that took up the battle was the head of operation at ICPC, a certain Hakeem Lawal who is working on this project with Ade Ipaye, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff.
    The new ICPC board is also headed by another Vice President’s loyalist and sidekick, Bolaji Owosonoye, who is connected to The Redeemed Church. They are all playing according to script given to them by their masters. 
    The current leadership of ICPC has been hijacked and this is the major reason some people are calling for total overhauling of the commission. We all know some powerful hands are responsible for remote controlling some of their activities. 
    ICPC is a commission that was established by the Federal Government to fight corruption. But today with this current leadership, reverse is the case simply because they are being used politically.
    ICPC really needs to adopt code of conducts of high standard and ethics for their employees and have a solid compliance regime.
    The investigative unit of ICPC must operate lawfully and follow due process as this is very critical to ensure their credibility and to build public trust.
    I am equally not unaware of the two committees that was set up by the Ministry of Justice to examine all the details of NBC, payment to Pinnacle Communication Ltd. The committee reached a verdict that there was no wrongdoing in the process of payment and advised ICPC to step down the plan for indictment and carry out further investigation, including visits to the Pinnacle DSO project site, since no ICPC investigators have ever done so. Bolaji Owosonoye of ICPC refused to acknowledge the letter.
    All these accusations and suits against Pinnacle Communication Ltd., are chasing after shadows and wasting of taxpayers money. A lot of people already see it as a witch-hunt already.

    Mr. Godwin Erheriene Oghenero, Director, Beyond Boundaries Legacies Leadership (BBLL) writes from Abuja.

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