Seadogs Pirates Confraternity Gives Out Free Medical Test, Road Signs

Olagunju A. Stephen Federal Road Safety Corps Inspector RSS2 Warri Unit Command. Warri Delta State and Oliseh Ikebagso (Bals). 4thmonth Diagnostic centre Ekpan, Lab Scientist.


The National Association of SeaDogs Pirates Confranternity Rainbow Deck celebrated its annual feast of BARRACUDA (FOB) 2019. under the distinguish chairmanship of Been Etanabene Esq. Deputy Director and head of procurement Petroleum Training Institute , Effurun at the Rainbow Deck Anchor Point, Esievo Lane Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Council Area, Delta State.

Rev, (Dr) Charles Apoki, the guest speaker of the day who spoke on the theme: Societal value Re-orientation and Grassroots Development The role of Local centres of influence.

He said during his presentation, “if we are to talk on Grassroots, he said as long as our schools will degenerate and remain back Ward like they are now, that will require a  girl in sapele to wake the Government up to go and know that schools don’t have ceilings and others. The grassroots level can not be develop”.

“The development ought to start from the primary school because the personalities are from there. Also the secondary school is the level where you can mold the individual”.

“We have pervarted freedom to become slavery, nudisim in our churches, we needs pastors that can speak effectively and fearlessly without caring for offering and tite to be able to course a revolution in the christen sector”.

Rev, Charles Akpoki also cleared the air “that we need a community development initiated Union’s. We need development that will spring up, we need development that will spring up withing you”.
“He said the church are busy building prayer house, prayer camp that will hardly used once in a year. Busy building prayer house without poultry. It is not prayer that change India. India has more demon’s. The church must invest, the church must become autropolnioral, the church should not be talking about fulanization and islamanisiation”.
Apoki said “a society that is not decent interms of eviromental, is an under develop society. The church should organize our youth to clean street, we should organized our youth to do social work. And by doing that we will develop the society we are leaving on. The church must speak on key issues. They must speak again curtisim”
“He also said that society that holds great values are societies that are develop, then he said the Pyrates confranternity stands for social justice. The church must teach people how to manage society, teach people how to manage wealth”. 

Among those present were Mr. Chairman – Ben Etanabene Esq. The Guest Speaker – Rev. (Dr.) Charles Apoki, the Special Guest Divisional Police Officer of the Nigeria Police Force, Enerhen Division, SP Bello Muktari represented by DSP Victor Osamudiamen Matelot and Member NAS Board of Trustees -Professor Temi Akporhonor The Area Mate, NAS Area 7 – Dr. Paul Okubor Former NAS Scribe – Chief Kenneth Enwefah.
The cap’n, “said the Safety and smooth flow of traffic are some of the reasons why traffic laws are in place and why they are important.
Matin Ene Cap’n, Worried by the increased rate of avoidable accidents, occasioned by  reckless drivers and commercial motorcycle riders, thus it has become paramount to contribute our quota in the quest to saving lives.” 
“These little but worthy community projects are essentially to save lives. It is also intended to give direction and orderliness, to both commuters and those driving, especially the strangers among us”.
“Therefore Accordingly, I, Martin Ene Edah, Saying Cap’n, Rainbow Deck, on this Wednesday,  May 29, 2019 and as part of our Feast of Barracuda, do unveil these Road Signs here in Ekpan, Jedo and Udu Bridge ( *Speed kills,  Bridge ahead and  Drive carefully)* Community Projects for the benefit of mankind and to glory of God Almighty”.


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