Activist To 9th Assembly: Reject Jumbo Pay, Shun Mediocrity

    Senate President, Ahmed Lawan


    A social crusader and public affairs analyst, Carl Umegboro has admonished the members of the 9th National Assembly to demonstrate statesmanship while discharging legislative functions in the interests of the suffering masses in the country.

    Umegboro in a statement to newsmen on Friday in Abuja on the masses expectations from the 9th National Assembly emphasized that lawmakers must discharge their duties with high sense of patriotism, objectivity and responsibility adding that they will no longer be measured by number of bills passed but impacts on the masses.

    “In fact, lawmakers should first and foremost, review forthwith the outrageous monthly-running costs of N13.5 million and other sundry allowances to reduce burdens on the economy for a boost in capital expenditures”.

    “As distinguished senators and honourable members, let the term ‘budget-padding’ vamoose eternally from their psyche as President Muhammadu Buhari doggedly did to them on ‘Ghana-must-go’ bags since 2015. This is time for objective engagements with the executive arm for significant achievements and not for selfish interests or show of power”.

    “Again, the present lawmakers should avoid paying lips service to public interests as the predecessors did, that even when President Buhari and Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo waived some entitlements on account of economic recession in the country then, lawmakers retained all the jumbo allowances and still attempted to pad budgets. Yet, always reminding the masses of poverty and economic crisis in the country”.

    “Essentially, the Electoral Act which President Buhari declined assent few months prior the election should be reviewed accordingly for re-presentation and in time unlike previously it was believably, maliciously and deficiently put together for selfish interests”.

    “To be specific, the electoral system should be upgraded to a complete digital voting system against the long existed paper-and-ink ballot system as done in many countries of the world for credible and cost- reflective elections”, Umegboro said.

    The crusader also enjoined the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila to ensure that cordial relationship exists between the legislative and executive arm with productive engagements and dialogues. Masses are not interested in personal attacks and brawls but service-delivery.

    “Generally, people expect luxuriant growth in the economy and people-oriented policies, and not aimless or subjective squabbles with the executive. As lawmakers representing the people in various constituencies, party affiliations should be secondary but national interests, and in addition pull down-syndromes against good initiatives from another political party members should be dropped”, he said.


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