Buhari’s Supporter In Delta Cries Out: Friends, Relatives Desert Me For Pitching Tent With President

    President Muhammadu Buhari


    The National Coordinator of Buhari Solidarity Movement (BSM), Chief Ovo Ofigo on Monday said his friends and relatives have deserted him for pitching tents with President Muhammadu Buhari especially during the last Presidential election.

    Ofigo made the assertion in a statement signed and made available to AUTHENTIC News Daily.

    Ofigo who doubles as the “Ogbarode” of Ughievwen Kingdom said, “I am brandished a soothsayer but soothsayer of impeccable qualities and realities.”

    Ofigo whose statement was tagged, “Blackmailers on the Prowl” said,”I have serious bashes because of my inclinations to Mr. President. Even in business circle, I have been relegated to the background.”

    Ofigo noted that the activities of “blackmailers” have taken an unprecedented dimension.
    He said,”Efforts are being made to run down people with impeccable qualities. I am in this train.

    “I have never been involved in any case of fraud in my life. I have never stolen a kobo from anybody. I have never been indicted or sacked for infraction by any organization.

    ” I am who I am-Mr. Integrity per se. I have a policy which says:Do not put your hand in anything you cannot defend.

    “Maybe, thus is why I have never been admitted in any hospital in my entire life. I am very healthy and contented with the little I have. I have a vow with my creator that cheating or any form of infraction shall not be part of my culture.”

    Ofigo who tendered a photocopy of his All Progressives Congress, APC membership card stated that it was his “cardinal interest” that President Buhari should succeed and leave a legacy for posterity. 

    “The anti-graft is a necessity. It is on this basis that I pitched my tent with Mr. President instead of Atiku Abubakar during the last Presidential election even though I was very close to the latter during our student days in ABU, Zaria.

    ” I make bold to say that i, Chief Ovo Ofigo have worked more than any other person in Nigeria including the blackmailers for the electoral fortunes of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

    “I say it with sense of pride and audacity. Yet, I am the very person some people feel must be rubbished by blackmailing. The Almighty God has given me the grace and power to accomplish anything I so desire including packaging people for exalted positions.”

    Ofigo said President Buhari should not give in to the blackmailers.
    According to Ofigo, “Do not give in to blackmailers” discretely find out about the persons that are being blackmailed.”

    Ofigo said there are some people who have genuine interest in the President stressing that they would not want him to fail.

    In his words,”I have no dollars to give to lobbyists to push but the blackmailers have accessed funds to destroy impeccable characters. 

    “It is Professor Carlae of blessed memory who opined thus:” Discretion is the better part of human valour”. 

    Ofigo who descrived President Buhari as a “right thinking” persons, expressed the beliefs that he will use discretion to correct any falsehood.


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