Buhari Will Shun Blackmailers – APC Chieftain Chief Ofigo

    President Muhammadu Buhari

    A call has gone out to President Muhammadu Buhari to shun the activities of blackmailers who are out to run other well meaning individuals down.

    The National Coordinator, Buhari Solidarity Movement Chief Ovo Ofigo made  this  known on Friday in a letter handed down to AUTHENTIC News Daily  Delta State correspondent, at the Nigeria Union Of journalist (NUJ) Secretariat, Warri correspondent chapel, press centre in Warri South Local  Government Council.  

    He said, “It is my cardinal interest that Mr, President,  Muhamadu Buhari should succeed in his last lap in office and leave a legacy for posterity. The anti graft war is a necessity. It is on the basis of this that I pitched my tent with Mr. President instead of Atiku Abubakar during the last presidential election even though I was Very close to the latter during our student days at ABU Zaria. 

    “For some time now the activities of Blackmailers had taken an unprecedented dimension. Efforts have been made to run down people with impeccable qualities.
    Chief ofigo Party chieftain is particularly unhappy with the activities of blackmailers and has called on  Mr. President to discountenance them.”

    He even threatened to quit the party and retire from partisan politics but transferred his win-win spirit to other party should the trend continue.

    “Some of these family members and friends are those who have  skeleton in their cupboards and who felt they could fail prey to the president’s Anti-graft war.
    Chief Ovo Ofigo  has advised for Mr. President: “DO NOT GIVE IN TO BLACKMAILERS”. Discretely find out about the person’s that are been blackmailed.

    The party chieftain said that in a nutshell, there are some people who have genuine interest in Mr. President and would not want him to fail.

    Ofigo stressed that he has no dollars to give to lobbyists to push, neither does he have warehouse of cash . But the blackmailers have accessed funds to destroy impeccable characters. It is professor carlae of blessed memory who opined thus: “Discretion is the better part of human values”. The president is a right thinking person. He will use his discretion to correct an falsehood.

    He informed that he has received serious bashes because of his inclination to Mr. President. Even in the business circle he has been relegated to the background.  

    “Attached herewith is my APC registration certificate dated 14th November 2014. The moment I joined the APC my electoral fortune came to it’s reach . And it been so till today. But I do not know what tomorrow hold in stock”

    Chief Ofigo who also doubles as the Ogbarode of Ughievwen Kingdom is a political bride who should be reverred instead of been blackmailed.

    Chiefs Ofigo maintained that for the years he stayed in the old SDP, that SDP had the sway; for the years he was in the PDP,  PDP had the party sway and the years he have been in the APC, the party has also had the sway.


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