OPINION BY AUWAL AHMED IBRAHIM: Clapping For Kadpoly’s Professor Bugaje

    Professor Idris Muhammad-Bugaje, Kaduna Polytechnic Rector


    Leaders are made but great leaders are born and it is for the reason I agree with the wisdom of Harry S. Truman in which he says; “Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

    This is meaning not all leaders are doing best in their responsibilities but only leaders that have the courage and the skill to carter for the primary needs of their subjects.

    One thing that makes leadership very effective is when the leader has the support of the people. Though, a leader may not have all at his side because a leader must have the Judah among his subjects.

    The Judah never appreciates and neither supports the ideas of good leaders because of geocentricism, while, the Judah doesn’t know that he is only a booster of other people’s progress and successes. It always goes with the saying that an empty tin makes lot of noise but the wise turns the noise to rhythm and dance to the noise because one who causes others misfortunes also teaches them wisdom to outshine.

    A Nigerian proverb says, “When the chameleon brings forth a child, that child is not expected to dance. As you are made to be king act as King.” It is from the wisdom of this proverb I decided to write to commend on the foresight of Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje in his endeavor of doing the best in every national assignment given to him. He served as the Director-General of National Institute for Chemical Technology (NARICT), Rector of Nasarawa Federal Polytechnic and now serving as the Kaduna Polytechnic Rector.

    Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje as the rector of Kaduna Polytechnic has excelled in his endeavors of turning the institution among the best polytechnics in Africa because he stood-up through the nights and the days to put all hands on deck by understanding that sleep killed the lion.

    He rectified all the problems of the institution and set it on the track of fast-moving developing school of learning because a wise man always find the way forward and solves difficult problems for others to enjoy.

    Idris Muhammad Bugaje as a professor in chemical engineering believed that practical aspect of science and technology is the only panacea to Nigerian youths’ redundancy.

    In a paper he presented to the Department of Chemical Engineering, Kaduna Polytechnic on changing the pilot plan of chemical engineers as the driven force of employment in Nigeria, Professor Bugaje stated that introducing youths to industrial training while at school will cater for employment to millions of youths after graduation. Bugaje argued that the curricula of engineers must adopt the 21st century vision to move the country “ to the next level”.

    One passionate thing about Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje is a leader that believes all fingers are not equal just like the human brains differ, with his team of council, they subtle the school law of withdrawal and expulsion of students because of poor Grade Point Average (GPA) as a way of actualizing the dream of slow learners’.

    In his quest of nationalism and patriotism in just two years of his rectorship he has achieved a lot and still achieving more with much projects and developments all over the school.

    Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje is an asset that the Nigerian government must utilize in proffering solutions to the nation’s problems and development because a jewel is a rare gem that is kept at the chest.

    Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim, a Community Developer can be reached via auwalgoronyo@gmail.com

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