APC Can Never Win Bayelsa State, George Ikoli Vows

    George Ikoli

    *says he is the best governorship aspirant


    Former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Bayelsa State, Barrister Anthony George-Ikoli on Saturday declared before a crowd of supporters in Bayelsa East Senatorial District that he is the party’s best candidate for the November governorship election.

    “Zoning is not the official policy of either the party or Bayelsans as at now. Factually, all zones have produced the chief executive of Bayelsa State. No zone has been denied or shortchanged. What Bayelsans want now is the best of the lot. I don’t think the people will deny themselves the services of the best governor simply because it doesn’t come from one favoured zone.”

    In his speech, he laid out the reasons he believes the All Progressives Congress (APC) must be defeated in the senatorial district and why he is the right person for the governorship job.

    “APC can never take Bayelsa State. I am not complacent to the point of saying that it would be a work over for the PDP. The All Progressives Congress (APC) will try to wrest power. Bayelsa is the heart of the Niger Delta Region. It is an oil rich state. It is a plus for any party that controls Bayelsa State. APC has no foothold in the Niger Delta Region. The party can dream it but can never realize it. We will never give APC a chance. We will take over Kogi and retain Bayelsa’’ he said.

    Ikoli who spoke in Nembe about the opposition party, zoning and the future of Bayelsa State boasted that no other contender in the forthcoming election could rival his pedigree.

    ‘’I have always been known for excellence, best practices. I think my entry into the race has changed all the equations. There is a ground swell of support for my candidacy by the people. There is across the land jubilation that at last the Moses has come. The best thing the party can do is to give me the ticket’’ he said.

    The former attorney general and commissioner for justice said he was committed to delivering good governance and a transparent administration.

     “Who will you trust when the battle against RUGA comes? Who will you trust when the battle for restructuring comes? Let’s not kid ourselves with the agitations of IPOB, the Fulani herdsmen issue, the killings every day in Nigeria. If we allow APC take our state, we might as well kiss our way of life goodbye! Who amongst the field would you trust with the know how to build the regional strategy to win that battle? No one in the field has what it takes to fight for the state, like I can.”

    Appears perfectly sure of the incumbent governor, the governorship hopeful described his relationship with Governor Seriake Dickson as cordial.

    “It is very cordial. He is my governor. I give him his respect. He was Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice. He was also in the House of Representatives. When I was Attorney General, we interacted effectively. We are both lawyers. We are defenders of the Ijaw cause. He ran a Ministry of Justice that I took to very prominent position. He wishes me well” he said.

    George-Ikoli restated that former president Goodluck Jonathan said some very good things about him.

    “This is the period of consultation. I have seen the former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. He has very wonderful things to say about me and my candidacy. I have also seen Governor Seriake Dickson. All they can do for now is wish me well and encourage me, which they have been doing” he said.

    The governorship hopeful also highlighted the achievements of Dickson in the sector of education, healthcare and infrastructure development among others.


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