OML 40: Ocean Marine Delivers On Effective Securing, Retrofitting

    The ruptured point of Oil Mining Lease 40 (OML 40) facility from Opuama to Otumara.


    Ocean Marine delivers on effective securing, retrofitting of OML 40  
     Ocean Marine Solutions Limited (OMS), a leading asset company saddled with the responsibility of protecting the country’s resources from graft and illegal activities, has reiterated it’s committed towards effective securing and retrofitting  of Oil Mining Lease 40 (OML 40) facility from Opuama to Otumara. The company’s media consultant, Mr  Omoruyi Akpata said in a statement that the company can proudly said it has delivered on this new challenge on the securing of OML 40, adding that the company will continue to do its best to engage communities in dialogue and provide continuous enlightenment campaign to the communities. Akpata said this, would curb those perpetuating such act in the communities to stop the nefarious acts of vandalisation, infractions crude oil theft and illegal refineries– as it is neither  beneficial to the health and environment of the communities. According to the company, “in bleeds the Nigerian economy and deprived its life blood- the dollar oxygen. OMS is no doubt a trusted partner of NNPC and also in the service of the Nigeria Nation.     ” When one considers the enormous investments involved in crude oil prospecting exploration, extraction and evacuation by NPDC and the international oil majors in Nigeria and the Import of oil and gas sales to the Nigerian economy and the ever need to keep that energy source flowing  “And in apropos, the activities of oil pipe lines vandals who infract the oil pipelines and extract it for their illegal refineries in the creeks  We must then give kudos to Ocean Marine Solutions (OMS) who have had a singular reputation since 2015 for coming to the rescue of NNPC and its Pipelines and Products Marketing Company division who when daily barrels production dipped from a high of 2.2 million barrels a day to 1.2 million, with its attendant negative effect on the overall health of the Nigerian Economy,” the company said. The company said that in December 2018, a letter of comfort was issue to OMS by NNPC for the maintenance, restoration and provision of security servicesB from Bonny to Port Harcout, also on the Escravos to Warri Pipeline segments on just a proof of concept basis. The company said that in the last nine years, when it comes to challenges, OMS can becounted on conduct maritime security operations, deterring threats from piracy and terrorism and vandalisation with a 100 per cent record of success, especially in the Niger Delta region. “And so, it is no surprised that when the retrofitting of the 16th inches pipelines along the 36 kilometres crude oil pipeline in the OPUAMA to OTUMARA crude oil export from the OML 40 and the destruction of Illegal refineries along and around the OML 40 pipeline right of way assignment came up, who was NNPC tap on to deliver, but Ocean Marine Solutions.  “This was the kind of terrain that OMS had to deploy its assets and personal and security to go retrofit.  “The impact of vandals is evident. Oil spills and a destroyed vegetation, you can clearly hear an OMS  personnel in shock exclaim, this is a dead forest . The consultant said that the after myth of illegal activities of crude oil thieves in their brazen attempt to Siphon crude oil from Shell, Chevron or NNDC crude oil lines and the illegal refineries located in different camps in the Mangrove Swamps along the OPUAMA to OTUMARA pipeline right of way. He said that among the mandate of OMS was then, to repair all identified valve Insertion points, provide 24 hours security and surveillance watch, provide timely emergency response to address incidences of vandalism, excavate segments that required sectional replacements, radiograph.  “All welded joints and corrosion barrierof joints, lower pipeline segments after back filling , and re-instatement of site and above all to manage and engage all the communities along the right of way so as to avoid any work disruptions . “To ensure timely delivery, OMS deployed its special team comprising  technical team, government security forces, and community surveillance guards to site.  “Its tasks included underwater activities, in order to first  Investigate, identify and disable valve points, provide security coverage and eventually in order to end vandalism, destroy the numerous illegal refineries along and around the OML 40 pipe line right of way. Akpata said that the most compromised areas along the pipe line right of way were Ajomo with 88 cooking ovens,Tibo with 51 cooking ovens, OPUAMA with 31 cooking ovens ,OPUAMA  also had 21 wooden boats and Otumara with 15 cooking oven the least compromised was Dehele/Baterem with 4cooking ovens . He added that after its consistent and methodical work – 23 valve insertion pointswere repaired, over 100 illegal refineries along the pipeline right of way were clamped, bunkerers were arrested, oil spillage resulting from the repair works were controlled. He said OPUAMA as a case study, a total of 2,247,138 barrels were successfully pumped against previous, 1, 603,56 barrels prior to OMS intervention work . ” Evaluating the success story of OMS by measuring the decrease of losses in barrels In quantity and percentages, from a loss of 100,219 barrels in December 2018.As at February 2019, the loss total had decreased to a scanty 2,450 barrels –all translation to a percentage decrease of from 62 per cent in 2018 to a near insignificant 2 per cent as at February 2019. “Recent data gathered has shown thatNigeria losses about $20 billion annually to crude oil theft which is an estimated  55,210 barrels of oil per day or 1,656,281 barrels of oil stolen by oil thieves in 2013 alone.  According to him, lt is to stem this hemorrhage and horrendous activities, that Ocean Marine Solutions, a renowned maritime security company was called to address. ” OMS delivered six clusters of illegal refineries with over 189 cooking ovens, refining chambers, distillation pipes receiver tanks, gas flaring chambers, drums, pits, shelter and 21 wooden boats were demolished along with illegal crude oil dug out well reservoirs and storage tanks, roads to access locations where built, identified vandals  “And their equipment tools and weapons were detained, further detections of illegal activities along the pipeline right of way is being conducted with increased security coverage being planned in order to discourage any further illegal refining activities. Akpata, however, said that a special documentary will start running on national televisions from September 11 tagged ” Safeguarding the lifeblood of a Nation”. He said the documentary will be shown on TVC on September 11 at 8.30pm, Channels on September 12 at 7.30 pm and Bisi Olatinlo Show (BOS) at 6pm on AIT on September 12. Others are NTA at 8pm on September 14 and AIT at 9.30 pm on September 15 respectively.

    Men working on securing and retrofitting of Oil Mining Lease 40 (OML 40) facility from Opuama to Otumara.


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