Disregard Audio Message Suggesting Ethnic Cleansing On Kaduna-Abuja Highway, Security Council Tells Public

    Mr. Samuel Aruwan

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    A fake 46-second audio message warning citizens to avoid the Kaduna-Abuja road because of purported ethnic cleansing is being circulated.
    A statement signed by the Commissioner, Internal Security and Home Affairs Kaduna State, Samuel Aruwan, dated September 14, 2019, urged the public to disregard the audio.
     “It should be disregarded as a deliberate ploy to incite unrest in Kaduna State,” it stated.
    In the statement titled, ‘Fake audio of killings along Kaduna-Abuja circulating, says Security Council’ it explained that security agencies are investigating the source of the malicious audio message. 
    “Anyone found culpable will be prosecuted accordingly,” it assured. The Kaduna State Security Council  appealed to all citizens, especially those plying the Kaduna-Abuja Road, to disregard the fake audio message and go about their business. 
    “Citizens with useful information about the criminals behind the fake audio are encouraged to contact the security agencies. “Anyone with relevant information should contact the Operation Centre on the following telephone lines.
    0903400006008170189999,” it concluded. 


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