OPINION BY COMRADE MUKTAR MOHAMMED: Re- How Lawan Misfired Over Appointments

    Senate President, Ahmed Lawan

    I was surprised and very disappointed over a mischievous, purported as well as a satanic article with the above caption published in The Nation Newspaper. From the content of the said write-up, it was entirely a calculated and deliberate attempt to cause ‘Hate Speech’ which the present APC -led government under the able leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has being wagging war against.
    The writer seems to have forgot, the era of not working with certain category of people because they are die hard loyalits to so, so particular political leader is gradually fizzling out from the political space of my dear mother land Nigeria, as we are now in an era whereby, no matter how critic somebody is, in as much as he or she can positively contribute towards the progress of Nigeria’s soocio-enomic development and political affairs irrespective of who he or she worked with or loyal to, and above all, from whatever religion or ethnicity he or she belong to, so far as the services of he or she delivered in the past is still needed, I don’t think, there is any harm in that.
    Besides, the writer ignorantly forget that, Distinguished Senate President Senator Ahmad Lawan, had been and till date, don’t believed in political bitterness, but believe in politics without bitterness. Also, he don’t believe in political witch-hunting, especially among those who will work under him, but he is a man who always, and all the time want the progress of Nigeria and her over 200, million cituzens.
    Believe you me, that was part of the reasons that Senator Ahmad Lawan, shunned all what the critics would say, for retaining the aforementioned six aides who were then very loyal to the immediate past Senate President Bukola Saraki.
    That is not all, the writer seems to gave forget what is called ‘Power’, because believe you me, if any of the aforementioned retained six aides attempts to sabotage the laid down foundation of the incumbent Senate President towards the progress and development of the Senate in particular and Nigeria as a whole, he will not hesitate to fire them because he is now fully in charge .
    Another issue that the writer mischievously and arrogantly forgot was that, after the surgeon of President Muhammadu Buhari as the duly elected president during his first term in office, he continued working with political appointees of the opposion PDP which believe you me, he still then need their services in spite the fact that, he has all the wire wihihal to remove them but still Mr. President continued to work with them so that to tap from their various experiences in terms of governance.
    I still have the believe that, issue of the so-called Saraki boys is now over at the Senate because going by the political havoc and embracement done to Nigeria in particular and Nigeria at large, during reign of Saraki, I doubt much if any of Sarki’s six retained aides, would even attempts to allow themselves to be use in frustrating or sabotaging the effort Senator Ahmed Lawan as the senate President, especially as since he came on board as senate president has being trying his possible best restore the lost glory of 9th senate after been basterdised by Saki and his core-hurts.
    All the eye of the concerned Nigerian’s, particularly those following the political train of Nigeria’s scene is on the retained six Saraki’s boys because they are above the law in terms of facing punishment if they were eventually founding wanting not only them, any right thinking Nigerian citizen, will not allow anybody to sabotage or the efforts and quest of the Senate President towards moving Nigeria to the Next Level.
    The writer talk about Banana peel in the Senate, by ending with baseless and seems to be threats questions, I doubt much that if the sitting Senate President stroked any deal with Saraki like the write claimed in his article and this has shown that the writer just blindly in his seems to be a sponsored write-up article don’t even know the political background of Senator Lawan because there was never a time that Senator Lawan politically wise, was fiund wanting.
    As per as I knew, Senator Lawan is not such kind of greedy and selfish leader to stroked any kind of deal with anybody to frustrate the APC Federal – led government because he had the love and passion for the development of Nigeria in particular and her good patriotic citizens like the way done
    In fact, it was because this, that not only why the apex body of his political party, the APC, presidency as well as, teeming Nigerians especially thousands of various youths NGO’s in this country publicly endorsed the candidature of Senator Lawan when he contested for the most exalted seat of the Red Chamber, because they all have the believe that he is equal to the task of putting his immense wealth of experience in leading the Senate.

    Muktar Mohammed, from Arewa Youth Coalition (AYC), sent in this piece from Kaduna.

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