Elevation Of Onoja: Foresight Of Kogi Assembly, Gov Bello – Daniel Oneal

    Kogi State Deputy Governor, Edward Onoja


    The elevation of the former Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor Yaya Bello, Chief Edward Onoja to deputy governor is a foresight of the State House of Assembly and the governor to move the state forward.

    The state commissioner for Rural Development, Hon Daniel Oneal Ejibo said in the statement that the elevation of the former Chief of Staff is an indication that His Excellency Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello has the state at heart.

    The commissioner said that antecedents of the new deputy governor indicates that the state has finally surmounted its political wrangling that has held the state backward for the past few years. Ejigbo described Onoja as a true patriot and loyalist to President Buhari Governor Bello.

    He added that with Onoja as deputy, the governor can be away without worrying of skirmishes cum the plights of kogas at his absence.

    He further described the deputy governor as a grassroots politician whose aura attracts successes.
    Hon Oneal said that the mobilisation of Chief Onoja for the success of President Buhari goes a long way to show that he has a midas touch.

    The commissioner also said that Chief Onoja has been a consistent loyalist to family and friends, relying and trusting friends to share their abode on official duty differing himself from other officials who are so officious to stay in hotels on such assignment.

    The Kogi State Commissioner for Rural Development further said that Chief Onoja’s background of being a resourceful banker, a strategist and mobiliser tells much of plans of Governor Bello for Kogi State when re-elected for second term on November 16.


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