Ear Care Centre Staff Tasked On Dedication To Duty

    Entrance to National Ear Care Centre.

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Ear Care Centre Staff Tasked On Dedication To Duty
    Owing to several achievements recorded by the management within a short time, workers of the National Ear Care Centre (NECC), Kaduna have been tasked to be more committed in the discharge of their duties.

    Branch Chairman, Medical & Health Workers’ Union Of Nigeria (MHWUN), National Ear Care Centre, Kaduna, Comrade Ahmed Adamu gave the charge in his welcome address on the occasion of  the 4th Annual Paper & Award on Thursday 24th October 2019.

    “Therefore with these trends of monumental achievement displayed under the auspice leadership of Dr. MA Yaro within short period. We therefore charge all workers to be more dutiful and continue to support to him to succeed,” he said.

    Listing the achievements that prompted his call for commitment and dedication to duty, he  mentioned improved manpower, staff training and infrastructural development.

    “Permit me to offer a recap of some of the achievement of NECC under Dr. Yaros’ watch since assumption of office.  “Staff training: the agile minded administrator and ENT expert knowing fully that in any organization or government established institution, the workers are the major power block for socio-economic development to take place, organizes training and re-training of clinical and management staff to boost their morals so as to pile up skills for an effective services developing about 200 staff trained and 150 has been approved.
    “Clinics: clinical services hitherto provides services per week is now five days a week and 24hrs emergency. The services breakdown brings to the door steps of the patient with ear related problems to have in order opportunity for consulting wider doctors.
    “School accreditation: similarly effort have been put in place by Dr. Yaro administration to ensure that school of post basic ENT nursing successfully gotten the accreditation to school of orthorinolaringology nursing by nursing council.New uniform for nurses: in an attempt to improve on the general output of nurses, equally introduced new uniform for nurses.
    “Employment: Dr. Yaro’s administration surmount the challenges of shortage of manpower, more staff from different cadres were being employed into the services of NECC and organized an induction training for the newly recruited staff in order to make them more conversant within the environment and equip them with the basic skills on the rudiment of the profession. This is the first of its kind in the anal history of the NECC.
    “School of HIM: health record officer’s registration board of Nigeria granted approval for school of health information management at NECC.
    “ICT/Telemedicine: digitalizing the central of all records within the centre is ongoing. 
    “Equipment/facilities: however, in the course of upgrading the centres facilities to reach global standard as being required by the WHO, Dr. Yaro made a giant leap, purchases and installed modern mobile x-ray machine, purchases of modern hospital beds, upgraded laboratory equipment in order to beat the taste of time in line with global teaching practice. Installation of modern lightening facilities and others necessary facilities are being purchased and installed.
    “Commendation/Award: No doubt, the ways of prudent, transparency and accountability exhibiting in dealings, by Dr. Yaro and his team are the major keystone that promoted the ant-corruption team of the north-west zone recently to applaud the effort of the management of NECC for their firm grib in prudency, accountability and transparency with public resources.
    “Installment of CCTV to support security of the centre,” he said


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