Delta Cleric Urges FG To Change Constitution, Says It Favours Only Muslims

    President Muhammad Buhari


    The General Overseer of Hilltop Bilelievers Assembly Nigeria Incorporated in Warri South Local Government Council Area of Delta State, Apostle (Dr.) Alfred Jephson Tseye-Okotie on Sunday October 27, 2019 urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to change the constitution of the Country.

    The cleric made the call   during a sermon he delivered at the “Mighty Warrior International Conference 2019.”

    The Conference which as tagged: Upon mount Zion had as its theme;”God will do a new thing.”

    The cleric said, ”The constitution is flawed. Lopsided. It favours the Muslims. There’s Sharia in the constitution. The Nigeria is only a secular nation on paper.

    “If you look at the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we have two laws there. One (1) Sharia. Two (2) Common law.

    ” Nigeria is a democratic secular nation. We have two laws. Sharia and Common law. Common law is not christian law. It is the common man’s law.

    “Do you know in the constitution, the quoran is mentioned so many times. Our people know the truth but they’ve been bought over. The Southwesterners, South Easterners they have been bought financially and that’s why there is a problem.

    ” A core northern politician have a vision about the next 20 years. Our people are concerned about the enjoyment at the moment.

    “The Northerners are thinking ahead. What our people know is how to build many houses, give birth to children and get so many women. That’s what they care about.

    ” Nigeria cannot be said to be a secular nation. The constitution is not secular.

    “Many of our forefathers foolishly signed in prints documents that will sell their destinies.

    ” This generation don’t even care .it pains me because you don’t have anywhere to run to.

    ”Civil Servants should not rejoice over the thirty thousand (N30,000) naira minimum wage increment.

    The newly approved thirty thousand (N30,000) Naira minimum wage s not worth a living wage stressing that, “It is poverty.

    “Paying a family man with wife and children thirty thousand (N30,000) naira is increasing poverty.

    “By the time you increase the minimum wage to thirty thousand (N30,000) minimum wage, the price of goods will rise.”

    Apostle Tseye-Okotie therefore  expressed confidence that God will do a new thing in Nigeria.

    He said ”the citizens needed a mindset deliverance for the new thing to happen.

    “We need to change the way we think about Nigeria. Nigerians don’t love Nigeria. Nigerians don’t love Nigerians.

    ”The citizens need to  begin to see themselves as part of the Nation otherwise, nothing will work.

    “If an American citizen gets loss, the whole of America will go and look for that one person. Let one Nigerian be in crisis, nobody gives a damn about you.

    ”Nigeria as presently constituted is divided along tribal, ethnic, religious and cult lines.

    ”A country divided cannot make any progress, politicians seeking for elective offices do so based on religious, ethnic/tribal grounds without rolling out their manifestoes to the people.

    ”It is difficult to try anyone on corruption charges because of tribal and religoius sentiments.

    “If you try it, people will come out and say he is our own. Nigeria is wrongly administered. If you cannot deal with the person, then you have failed. Personal interests drown in the dark’


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