Nigerian Army Women Corps: Blazing The Trail In Professionalism, Social Responsibility

    Nigerian Army Women Corps on duty.


    Just less than two years after the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai created the Nigerian Army Women Corps (NAWC) in March 2018, the nation is beginning to reap from their contributions.

    Only recently, the Women Corps embarked on Internal Security Operations in various communities across the country, in their quest at ensuring a peaceful and secured Nigeria.

    Professionally, NAWC not long ago was seen on the streets of Gusau and other remote villages in Zamfara state in support of NA on internal Security duties under operation HARBIN KUNAMA/SHARAN DAJI.

    Buratai in his wisdom aimed at ensuring optimal performance of women towards enhancing Nigerian Army operational efficiency as well as allow women to aspire to the peak of their career in the Army, has continued to encourage the NAWC in terms of welfare, training, kittings and logistics.

    The creation of the Corps is in line with global best practices like what is obtainable in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Sri Lanka among other countries that has already a well established Army Women Corps, as such, he ingeniously created the Women Corps in the Nigerian Army which is one of the newest Corps and Commands so far created under his leadership of the Nigerian Army.

    The Nigerian Army Women Corps main vision is to provide competent female officers and soldiers competent to take effective action in support of all NA operational engagements locally and internationally.

    So far, the Corps has demonstrated its capabilities to provide the required support for the NA in her operational engagements and exercises.

    In this vein, the “Amazons of Nigeria” were seen on major streets and hot spots in Abuja, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, lagos, Oyo/Ibadan on Internal Security Operations in support of civil authority and complimenting the efforts of other male personnel of the Nigerian Army during Operation SAFE CONDUCT to ensure secured and peaceful conduct of the 2019 General Elections.

    Nigerian Army Women Corps on sanitation exercise in a community.

    Additionally, between 23rd to 28th of April, 2019, at the Chief of Army Staff First Quarter Conference and Combat Arms Training Week 2019, in JAJI, Kaduna, some personnel of the NAWC actively and fascinatingly took part in the exercise through the gallant display of Armour Personnel Carrier Platoon Drill.

    Recently, the Women staged a combat March display at the just concluded Nigerian Festival of Arts and Culture tagged EDO 2019 on the 22nd October of 2019.

    Similarly, the Women are now in Kano on Show of Force, patrols and Civil Military Cooperation line of activities providing free medical services, sanitation exercise by clearing and sweeping some selected culverts, gutters and streets of Kano city.

    They were also engaged in many internal security duties in many states in Nigeria such as show of office, patrols, road blocks among other activities.

    One striking qualities of the “Nigerian Amazons” is their diplomatic, civilized and firm approach to issues especially while on patrols, road blocks and check points. This kind of civilized disposition should permeate down to all the personnel of the Nigerian Army.


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