Parents Cry For Help As 45 Days After, Missing Baby In Abakaliki Not Found


    It was a moment of grief and unbelief for the family of Mr.and Mrs. Oyoke Silas, a native of Igwemini of Okposi-umuoghara in Ezza North LGA, Ebonyi State whose one year, two months old suckling baby boy, little master Esomchi was abducted with Thursday making it 45 days since the incident, by a suspected kidnapper, who was identified simply as Okechukwu, and claimed to be a native of Osiegbe in Ezza North LGA of same state. 

    Narrating the ugly incident, the victims father, Mr. Ojoke Silas who lives at No.3 Gambo street Ogbe Hausa, told our reporter that on the fateful evening been Friday 29 September,2019 that he was outside sitting beside his wife’s shop when a black, short and skinny young man gently approached him and politely introduced himself as Mr. Okechukwu, a native of Osiegbe in Ezza North Local Government Area.
    According to him, the alleged kidnapper requested for his help to locate where he could buy some quantity of garri in the town where he would take it to PortHarcout for retails which he confided on Mr. Oyoke.
    In his narration, he took the alleged kidnapper to Mgbago Ugwu where he planned going to buy the garri in large quantity, therefore, they picked from the bags after testing them but the accused kidnapper demanded to make some withdrawal to ease him make his payment which they left for the nearest commercial bank but he stopped at the bank’s gate when he went inside and came back with some undisclosed amount of money.
    He said that the alleged kidnapper, after making the withdrawal came back and appealed that the family should allow him sleep in their room till the next day Which he would go for the trade, the family accepted him while Mr. Oyoke informed Mr. Okechukwu that buying from the local market would be the best which on enquiries they leant Nkwo garri market would be on Monday.
    He said, the suspected kidnapper spent from that Friday he arrived till on Monday morning when he left for Nkwo garri market accompanied by Mrs. Okoye to help him made good purchase, stressing that the man after few days came back in pretense that he wanted to buy red oil too when he baited his daughter with biscuit and quietly made away with their one year and two months suckling son which until date has not been traced nor gotten information of the boy’s whereabout.
    In his words,”  It was on Friday 29th evening, when I was sitting beside my wife’s shop here in Ogbe Hausa, one black, short and skinny young man politely approached me that he needs help where he will buy garri in high quantity and after introducing himself as Mr. Okechukwu and a native of Osiegbe in Ezza North LGA, I accompanied him to Mgbago Ugwu where they are selling garri.
    “After testing different garri and pricing them, he requested I accompany him to make withdrawal at Access Bank which we spent little time, then, I was outside urinating when he went inside and came out, and he told me that he withdrew fourty thousand. I advised him to go to the Now garri since he was buying in large quantity which after enquire somebody told me it would trade on Monday from that Friday and he housed him till on Monday when I appealed her to accompany him for them to be able to make good purchase.
    Continuing” Few days after he left Abakaliki, he returned back on Thursday that the garri had finished and he needs to buy red oil, we still welcomed him and on Sunday while my wife was in the kitchen and I in the shop, one of my daughters, Mrs.Chinecherem was with the baby while they were playing sand and it was learnt he meant the girl and told her he wants to buy biscuit for the little boy, and he many away with the child.” At a point my wife came out and said to me that her breast was dropping milk that Esomchi would need to suck, lol and behold, Chinecherem told me that the brother said he wanted to buy biscuit with the child but he escaped with the child and i quickly embacked on search party to all areas but they were no where to be found until evening when they reported to Eke-Aba police station and until now nothing has been done about it.
    Speaking wife and mother of the child who spoke with us in tear begged whoever in possession of the child return him as she is in pain since the child got missing.
    Mrs patience oyoke, appealed to concern individuals to come to the family aid as they have exhausted their strength since the child got missing and called whoever with useful information that would help track the abductor whom he said gave false information about his place of nativity to call:08165075729,07033289465


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