House Of Justice Summit Panelists To Young Nigerians: Gather Momentum Against Social Media Bill

    Panelists at the House of Justice Summit and Banquet 2019 held on Friday November 29, 2019

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Following the trending heated debate about alleged plans to use Nigeria’s legislative arm in passing a bill that will limit their voices on the social media, Nigerian youth have been charged to brace up and frustrate the passage of that bill.

    Panelists at the House of Justice Summit and Banquet 2019 held on Friday November 29, with the theme,  “Governance, Impunity & Accountability in a Populist Era” gave the advice.

    A panelist,  Murtala Muhammad said, “Young people should be vigilant, concerned and build more momentum against the social media bill.”
    Corroborating what he said, fellow panelist,  Bella-Anne Ndubuisi said that a lot needs to be done for the youth to take up the challenge.

    “Lot of work need to be done to re orientate people and educate them because knowledge is power,” she said.
    Another panelist, Abiodun Baiyewa said corruption is not the problem of Nigeria, but the inability to deal with the impunity with which it is committed.
    “Most of the youth don’t even care to want to see the corrupt people punished because they don’t feel ownership of what was stolen,” she lamented.

    For the fourth panelist, Mr. Mark Amaza, he said that Nigerian youth in the past started leadership roles in tertiary institutions from where they are prepared for the larger society, but lamented that most tertiary institutions have killed that chance as against the Student Union Government (SUG) that was obtainable through elections, now most institutions hand pick representatives to lead the students.

    As a way forward, Murtala Muhammad said that youth in the North after the 2011 post election crisis, developed a template that prevented crisis in 2015 and in 2019.
    “If the youth in the North can do this, I think we  need to have a Pan Nigerian youth group against regional or local groups that can help in shaping Nigeria,” he said.

    Agreeing with the panelists, CEO House of Justice/Principal Partner Move Legals, Ballason Gloria Mabeiam said that Social Media is the new village square where ideas are discussed and must not be allowed to be silenced.


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