Nigeria’s Democracy Under Threat, Tyranny Taking Over, Shehu Sani Cries Out

    House of Justice 2019 White Dinner in Kaduna on Friday November 29.

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Democracy is under serious threat in Nigeria and symptoms of tyranny are showing up glaringly.

    Former Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the 8th Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani expressed the fears while speaking at the White Dinner Party of the 2019 House of Justice Summit in Kaduna on Friday night.

    “Democracy seriously under threat. Tyranny symptoms showing clearly,  court orders not being obeyed,” he said.

    Senator Sani said that lovers of democracy should not sit back and watch the hard earned system rubbished.

    “We will have democracy crumble and tyranny  thrive as long as we agree to surrender our rights and liberties and agree to everything they say,” he warned.

    He praised organisers of the summit and dinner, House of Justice for braving up in spite of huge financial costs involved.

    “It is not easy to see credible organizations providing such a platform but you have been able to weather the storm and invited us here.

    “We must accept the fact that globally today there is an attempt to peddle think that as long as you have a govt that provides infrastructure you should be ready to surrender you rights.

    “They believe it is wrong to question powers which is wrong.

    “This democracy was not a gift, was a struggle. Many went to jail, many killed, it was a product of struggle.

    “As such, those in power should protect the ideas that it was a struggle of people who created opportunity for them to be there.

    “Every time this happens, it is incumbent that people rise to the defence,” he said.

    On the raging social media and hate speech bills being mulled by the Senate, he described it as a bad idea.

    “I asked my colleagues while at the Senate that why they cannot have social media account, they said their hearts cannot take the fire that some of us take from critics.

    “A simple criticism can be taken as hate speech. Even right now, we have journalists that are standing trial by executives, now that that bill does no exist. What of if it does?” He queried.


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