District Head Says Peace Gradually Returning To Kasuwan Magani, Environs

    The District Head of Kufana, Mr Titus Dauda speaking during visit to Kasuwan Magani, Libere, Idu and Kamakolo communities in Kajuru LGA, Kaduna State.

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The District Head of Kufana, Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Mr Titus Dauda has visited Kasuwan Magani, Libere, Idu and Kamakolo communities to meet with his subjects on the issue of lasting peace and development of the district. 

    Speaking, the village head of Kasuwan Magani, Alh Ibrahim Abdullahi welcomed the district head and his council to his community and appreciated the him for finding time despite his tight schedules to meet with him and his  people on ways to maintain the existing peace. 

    He asked the people to be frank and open as they discussed with the district head. 
    The Chief Imam of Kasuwan Magani said the district head has played a fatherly role in his district by carrying everyone along in the affairs of the district.
    He told the gathering that for the period he has met with the district head, he has shown and proved to him and all those who are opportune to meet  him that he is a detribalized man, who has never shown any difference between his subjects of different faith. 

    The CAN chairman of Kasuwan Magani said the meeting was apt and timely and called on all to support the district head in the peace process. 

    The elders and youth of Kasuwan Magani appreciated the state government for the construction of the market and the district head for his encouragement and support giving to the government and his subject. 

    Earlier, the district head of Kufana told the gathering that it was time the community blew its trumpet, because he said now that peace is restored, the media and other  people have not told the world the peace they are enjoying. 

    He told his subjects to keep the peace and unity of the area because without peace there won’t be any  development.

     He appealed to youth to shun drug and substance abuse and be industrious.

     He appreciated the people of Kasuwan Magani for receiving him and his council members. 

    At Kamakolo, the district head was welcomed by the village head, Fulani and Ardo. 

    The Fulani community appreciated the district head for being the first chief to recognize them and visit them in their community. 

    They informed the district head that they have built a primary school and are need of teachers and teaching aids. They also appeal for donations for their jumat mosque under construction. 

    The district head appreciated the Fulanis for the peace, development and progress of the area. They appealed to Kaduna state government to construct the road from Kasuwan Magani to kauru as promised by the state governor.

    At idu, a Hausa predominantly dominated community, the village head appreciated the district head for the visit and pleaded for their health facility, school and road.

    The community is separated from Kallah town by River Kaduna. 

    The community is in need of health facility and renovations of existing primary schools with teachers. The district head has to use a local canoe to access the communities.


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