Urhobos Are Poorest Nation In Africa – Ibru



    Dr Goodie Ibru, OON on Thursday December 5, 2019 has said that the Urhobo’s have everything to be developed but they are the poorest in the nation.

    He pointed out that the Urhobo’s in Africa have everything to make themselves to be develop but they are the most poorest nation in the world.

    Dr. Ibru stated this at the public presentation and inauguration of the first Urhobos economic summit organized by the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide at the Urhobo Cultural Centre, Uvwiamuge-Agbarho, Delta State.

    He said, ”If there must be development in Urhoboland,  the Urhobos must partner with their nerbours to ensure meaningful development.

    ”The Ogidigbe project needs to go on because it is a big project as the money for the project can be use to develop Urhobo land.

    ”We are loosing investors everyday, the dangote refinary would have been in Urhoboland here in the Niger Delta. We should have good partnership for meaningful development.

    Proff. Malachy Oghenovo  also said, ”there should be a university called Urhobo university.

    He said, ”Meetings without achievement to show for it means nothing as no country in the world can progress if they don’t have stock exchange.

    ”What has the Urhobo done after holding severals of meetings? The Urhobo’s  should  established an institution where discussion can be going on regularly.

    ”Train our youths the way things are going so that they will receive things as they are growing.

    ”There are many Urhobo’s doing well abroad but they don’t want to come home because there is no where to go in Urhobo land.

    ”Urhobo should forget about themselves, remember tomorrow and comeback home. Unity is strength, unity is what the Urhobo’s want, speaches don’t  make change but hard work.

    ”There should be working industries In Urhoboland,  why must the Urhobo’s not producing anything? the Urhobo’s needs Industry.

    ”The Urhobos should empawer their youths with their culture as must of the main foods people eats In hotels are not from the Urhobo’s. There should be selling Urhobo foods everywhere”.

    The president general, Urhobo Progress Union worldwide, Olorogun Dr. Moses. O. Taiga, JP during his speech said, ”there are  marginalization of the Urhobos in all spheres of the nation’s political and economic life in spite of oil and gas exploitation in Urhobo land.

    Dr Taiga noted that the economic enslavement of the oil producing areas and the “movement of corporate headquarters of the oil companies from their zones of operations is thereby making it very difficult for the indigenes in the Oil producing areas to get employment”.


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