Kaduna Red Cross Trains More Trainers In First Aid

    File photo: Visiting Red Cross officials in a group photograph with some executives of NUJ Kaduna when they visited on Tuesday July 24, 2018.

    By kATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The Nigerian Red Cross Society, Kaduna State Branch has began a three days sensitisation on Training of Trainers (TOT) for it’s first aid members.

    Secretary of the state branch, Sunday Awulu said the training is to increase the capacity of their members in various fields.

    Awulu said the training was meant to equip them with Advance first aid skills and the necessary methodology needed to pass the knowledge to others.

    ” It will be noted that the branch has been looking for ways to increase the Capacity and the numerical strength of those involved in First Aid training considering the enormous task involved in reaching out to the population in the state and the need to empower them with basic First Aid knowledge.

    “This training is a dream come true, as it is possible due to the availability of The National Training officer of the Red Cross Mr Bashir Umar Danillela and charged the participants to give maximum attention to the lessons knowing the Branch will depend on them to train others.

    “First Aid is usually meant for minor cuts and scrapes and even more severe cases of fainting, chocking etc or refers to the first response to any kind of medical emergency before the arrival of a Qualified medical personel . Administering first aid quickly and accurately in a traumatic injury situation can make all the difference when saving a life. You can never know when you may be called upon to act quickly in an emergency on your own behalf or someone else.

    He said incidents that involve unconscious persons are particularly difficult to deal with and will be covered within the training period.

    “Many people would scream, panic, and walk away and not involve themselves at the sight of an unconscious person. It is important to remember that the first few moments after an incident could be critical for the outcome of the casualty, so what you know and are able to do during this time can have a huge impact on the injured person.”

    According to him, Having the knowledge of the first aid techniques is a vital part in ensuring the safety and improving the chances of survival of any victim.

    ” It is a valuable tool for yourself but also looks great on a job application. Increasing your chances of getting and keeping a job is a step in the right direction.

    “Many times in your life you may have been faced with an emergency situation, whether camping, hiking, and long road trips that may have needed first aid skills. Obtaining a First Aid certificate is a simple and inexpensive way to save someone’s life.
    “The Branch have suffered from insufficient certificated Trainers to covered the 23 divisions in the state and meet the need of volunerable communities before now. This training will solve all this problems” he added.

    In response, the National Training officer Bashir Dan’ilella said that his greatest joy will be to see the participants imparted with the necessary First Aid skill that will transform the entire First Aid operation within the state. He promise to give his best to the participants within the 3 days training which began on the 10th December 2019.

    Among the facilitators during the training was one of the kaduna branch training officers Mr Stanley Asukwo, the kebbi branch Training officer, Mr Malami and the
    Branch Communications Coordinator, Mr Peter I. Ochu


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