By; JULIANA KATUNG, Kaduna.

    As the Christmas celebration is fast approaching, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation, Kaduna, plans to celebrate with over 5,000 Muslim families in order to further improve the peaceful coexistence among themselves.

    Speaking in an interview in Kaduna, the founder of the foundation, Pastor Yohanna Buru said, such celebrations build mutual understanding, as they give both faithful the opportunity to discuss their differences and dialogue a way forward.

    Buru said  that the guests expected to grace the Christmas celebration are not only Kaduna based, but from Niger, Nasarawa, Plateau, Bauchi, Zamfara, Katsina, Kano, jigawa and Taraba states, as well as the FCT, Abuja respectively.

    The founder disclosed that, the gathering will be a combination of all Muslim sects,

    Adding that, what matters most is the discussions to be held especially those about bringing sustained peace across Northern Nigeria.

    “As a Christian Cleric, I am very much interested in the promotion of peace and improving the understanding between both faithful.

    ” I grew up in a society where both faithful enjoyed a cordial relationship but today in Kaduna, we all live apart in the fear of being harmed by our own selves, this is really sad,” he said.

    According to Buru, if there was any body the Christians trusted to live together with, it is the Muslims and vice versa noting that his family is a combination of both faith as some of his siblings are Muslims.

    Speaking on the activities carried out by the foundation, Buru said, they are  into peace resolutions and they also make donations to victims of conflicts especially women, children and the vulnerable.

    “We will also visit orphanages, traditional rulers, churches and Muslim communities to encourage them on the need to live in peace and ensure its sustainance”.

    The Pastor said the foundation also engages in the protection of women and children particularly those widows whose inheritance are being hijacked by in-laws.

    “Such acts cause disaffection which result to conflicts in some instances,” he added.


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