OPINION BY LAWAL BALA GOMBE: ASD Daughter’s Marriage, Mulan And Abubakar Musa

    File photo: The Sharia court judge, Shehu Dauda and Alhaji Sani Dauda at the SARS office.


     It was Joseph Goebbels, who once said that ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people come to believe it….’
    In the last couple of weeks since Abubakar Musa and his friend the Inspector General of Police arranged between them a plan that saw to the arrest and detention of Alh Sani Dauda, his son Shehu and the Judge of the Sharia Court Magajin Gari, there has been an attempt by some individuals, while always claiming to be the beacons of truth, to tell a twisted story derived from their creative imaginations about how Abubakar is so squeaky clean and how Alh. Sani Dauda has worked this unspeakable injustice against him.
    Abubakar and his teeming flock of image launderers have taken to writing fiction in the name of truth and publishing same all over the electronic and print media no doubt in a bid to drum these lies continuously and consistently into the minds of the not too vigilant reader with one goal and one goal only as their objective, make the truth a lie and turn a lie into the truth by following the above stated perverted reasoning of Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s closest friend and most devoted associate. 
    After reading the article credited to Dr. Bashir Maru with the above heading it took a lot of doing to resist the temptation of just letting it go without a response, after all, in the words of Samuel Johnson ‘Reason and truth will prevail at last.’
    On further considering the matter however, I was compelled to retort, for I have come to discover the truth in the words of Liewellyn Rockwell when he posits that, ‘We like to imagine that in history, truth will prevail through sheer persuasive power. Sadly, this is not the case. Truth needs champions.’
    My response to the good doctor’s article is hence simply as a champion of truth.
    Abubakar in this new tale as told by the good doctor wants you to believe that Alh. Sani Dauda after giving his daughter to Abubakar in marriage, (which by the way is in my humble view the greatest gift a father can give to any one) somehow became so jobless that the only business he had to do was to pressure the same young lady to leave her husband’s home against her will. 
    I personally doubt there is anything more denigrating that can be said of both Alh. Sani Dauda himself and his Daughter Nasiba than to suggest that Alh. Sani Dauda could not find better things to engage himself with besides interfering with his daughter’s marriage or that Nasiba, herself a lawyer, is so immature as to continue to take instructions from her father so much so that she would be willing to file for divorce from her husband without just cause just because daddy said so.
    These are the facts:
    1. ASD never knew Abubakar from Adam until a number of his friends came calling and entreated him on Abubakar’s behalf to give his daughter out to Abubakar as a wife.
    2. After the marriage between Abubakar and Nasiba, the young lady suffered unimaginable disrespect and emotional abuse in the hands of the same Abubakar being championed by the good doctor as incapable of hurting a fly. It is this disrespect to her person and emotional abuse that lead ultimately to her decision to divorce him in January 2018.
    3. Since she divorced Abubakar whom the good doctor would want you to believe loved, or even now, still loves Nasiba, he has never called or entreated her neither did he ever call to entreat her parents.4. The Sharia Court Tudun Wada, Kaduna on the 5th of January 2018 dissolved Nasiba’s marriage with Abubakar and ordered her to pay back his dowry which she paid to the registry of the Court. The Court also ordered Abubakar to allow her remove her things from the home they shared as husband and wife.
    5. When she went to retrieve her things from Abubakar’s house however, he physically assaulted her and refused to allow her entry into the house much less allow her remover her things.
    6. The ‘loving’ Abubakar appealed the decision of the Sharia Court Tudun Wada, Kaduna before the Upper Sharia Court, Kawo and got a favorable decision before that court.
    7. The decision of the Upper Sharia Court Kawo was however quashed by the Grand Kadi of the Sharia Court of Appeal in March 2018.
    8. By the time Nasiba got married to Kaloma on the 9th of November 2019 she was not legally married to Abubakar and there was nothing legally preventing her from marrying Kaloma.  
    9. The arrest and detention of Alh Sani Dauda had nothing to do with President Buhari’s next level agenda. It was a simple display of how individuals like Abubakar have been able to use their relationship with people in power to perpetrate acts of injustice.
    10.  It is no secret that Abubakar is a close friend and confidant of the Inspector General of Police.
    11. It is also no secret that the Inspector General of Police moved resources and manpower to Kaduna to aid Abubakar through the days when Abubakar needed to demonstrate to Nasiba how connected to power he is. 
    12. In fact from evidence put forward by Alh. Sani Dauda in the Court processes filed on his behalf and that of his son Shehu, Alkali Almisry and others before the High Court challenging the constitutionality of their arrest and detention, it is quite clear that ‘the innocent and meek Abubakar’ was sitting with the Inspector General of Police at the time the IG was orchestrating the illegal detention of Alh Sani Dauda and others in respect of a matter which the Commissioner of Police Kaduna State Command and his Deputy both agreed was purely civil in nature.
    13. It is no secret also that notwithstanding a court order directing the Police to stay all actions in respect of the matter pending the determination of the action filed by Alh. Sani Dauda and others to enforce their fundamental rights, the IGP obviously gingered by his dear friend the ‘ever meek and gentle’ Abubakar still attempted to arraign Alh Sani Dauda and others before the Chief Magistrate Court No. 1 Taiwo Road, Kaduna.
    14. It took the Chief Magistrate telling them that he will not act contrary to the orders of the High Court directing that nothing be done in respect of the matter pending the decision of that court with respect of the case filed by Alh. Sani Dauda to enforce his rights to get them to back off from violating a clear and unambiguous order of court.
    15. The ultimate truth in this matter, contrary to what the good doctor would have the world believe is that, Abubakar is not some lowly fellow fighting some high and mighty czar. No sir. In the events that have played out between the parties, Abubakar is the friend of the most powerful law enforcer in Nigeria fighting a father and his daughter who are powerless to defend themselves against the use of the entire resources of the Nigeria Police to harass, intimidate, humiliate and embarrass them because Alh. Sani Dauda’s daughter had the temerity to refuse to be further disrespected and abused by the friend of the all-powerful Inspector General of Police. The good doctor will want you to believe that Alh. Sani Dauda sponsored some groups and individuals to launch some sort of campaign on his behalf in the media.
    The truth however is that, no matter how hard you search you will not find one article written by anyone supporting or giving expression to Alh. Sani Dauuda’s side of the story that unfolded between himself and Abubakar. All the write ups which have sought to tell the true position of the matter by showing the mischief carried out against Alh. Sani Dauda and his family have all been rejoinders to articles written by Abubakar’s apologists including this one.
    The suggestion that Alh Sani Dauda would enlist MULAN which is the Muslim Lawyers Association to plead his case is not only laughable but truly ludicrous. Alh Sani Dauda is not a lawyer and his interest cannot be said to be in sync with the MULAN. Is it hence truly cockeyed to even suggest that Alh. Sani Dauda somehow enlisted the MULAN Kaduna State Chapter to plead his case.
    MULAN being an association of Muslim Lawyers simply expressed its views of what was clearly an injustice done to Alh. Sani Dauda, his daughter and Alkali Almisry without taking any sides unlike what we see here with the good doctor’s piece. Unfortunately for Abubakar and his co travelers however MULAN’s position hit a sore note because it pointed in the direction of the fact that Alh. Sani Dauda and others had been wronged. 
    I will not join issues with the good doctor where he decided in his piece to take the place of Allah (SWT) himself by declaring Abubakar honest, hardworking, unassuming and incapable of hurting a fly.
    It is however worthy of note that all the articles written by Abubakar’s apologists since this matter began always seek to paint him as honest, God fearing and incapable of hurting a fly.
    The servant of God, Ibrahim prayed as follows: ‘O Our sustainer! Thou truly knowest all that we may hide (in our hearts) as well as all that we may bring into the open:’ for nothing whatever, be it on earth or in heaven, remains hidden from You. 14:38 (Asad)
    Abubakar and his champions may continue their attempt to change morning to night by their concocted narratives but the truth shall remain and ultimately prevail, if not now then surely later, if not in this world then surely in the hereafter.
    I, on my own part, have discharged my burden and healed my conscience for in the words of Uthman Dan Fodio ‘Conscience is an open wound; only the truth can heal it.’

    Lawal Bala Gombe writes from Zaria

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