ABU VC Prof Ibrahim Garba Has Demonstrated Excellence In Leadership (OPINION)

    Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria


    The Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria on assumption of duty on 1st May, 2015 pledged to reform, refocus and reinvigorate ABU for better performance as well as reclaim its lost glory in terms of production of quality outputs in form of graduates, scholarship and services towards upholding and sustaining the lofty objectives set by its founding fathers. He has demonstrated unparalleled leadership skills, patriotism, integrity and courage in bringing change and development to ABU Zaria.

    He is vision driven, a goal getter, a pacesetter in university administration and a fanatical believer in projecting ABU Zaria to an unimaginable and enviable pedestal.

    A feat eventually achieved to a very large extent. There is no doubt in the fact that he has strategically positioned ABU on the right trajectory of development. His commitments to the ideals and progress of the university is unquantifiable and exceptional.

    He has refused to see leadership position as a comfort zone. He is ever ready to give his best to whatever assignment given to him. He has indeed carved a nich for himself in university administration in Nigeria. History and posterity will certainly be kind to this quintessential and amiable gentleman. Under his Leadership, ABU got rated by NUC as number one university in Nigeria. Aside his leadership qualities and sagacity, he is an embodiment of humility and an epitome of good leadership.

    He was born to make the world a great place and he has lived up to that assignment. 

    It is an incontrovertible fact that the current vice chancellor has in no small measure achieved his set goals for the prestigious university. No wonder in the year 2018, Prof. Ibrahim Garba emerged VC of the year because of his serene and pacesetting achievements within four years of administering the university.

    This was announced by the Management of Education monitor Newspaper in a statement signed by its administrative manager, Sameer S. Yusuf. 

    Prof. Ibrahim Garba has demonstrated Excellence in leadership in all ramification. Under his purposeful leadership, the number of faculties has increased from 12 faculties when he took over to 16 faculties at the present. He has accomplished tremendously as ABU vice chancellor in the last four years and eight months. Under the current vice chancellor, student intake has risen from the traditional six thousand to about ten thousand, this is due to increase in number of programmes and faculties. In the area of infrastructure, the university has witnessed accelerated development in all facets.

    It was also under Prof. Garba that the chairman of Dangote foundation Alhaji Aliko Dangote, built and donated student hostel worth over N1.2 billion to ABU, in April, 2019. A feat that was not achieved by his predecessors for over 40 years.

    Additionally, Prof. Ibrahim Garba has used his local and international connections to secure grants for research development in ABU, Zaria. He has partnered with foremost and world class universities in China and other part of the world to project and position ABU, Zaria to a world class level.

    In terms of staff welfare and development, he has   written his name in Gold. Today, both academic and non-academic staff of the university are all over the world studying courses that will unlock the key to Nigeria economic and technological development. 

    In terms of security, he has rejigged and reposition the security architecture of the university by employing more competent hands in order to prevent likely security breaches in the university. Cultism has become history under his sterling leadership.

    In the area of student, staff and management relationship, the relationship has been a cordial and remarkable one. The vice chancellor demonstrated his love for students by appointing a veteran students Dean in the person of Prof. Y.Y Bambale who has so far carried out his assignments with utmost dedication, diligence and tenacity of purpose.

    The Dean has been severally described as workaholic, simple, polite, approachable, accessible and profoundly tolerant. No wonder there is peace and tranquility in the university campuses. He has brought stability to the apex student body, ‘Student Representative Council’. Through the Dean of student, the vice chancellor has empowered the students body so  much that they are now embarking on capital Projects and completing them to the admiration of all.

    Example of such capital projects was the construction of academic gardens across the three campuses of the university, a project that was conceptualized and designed by Comrade Abdulmalik Alfa when he was on the saddle as student union president in the year 2013/2014.

    Under Prof. Ibrahim Garba, the alumni donations to the university between 2016 and 2018 is praiseworthy. Prominent among such donations was from Dr. Dauda Lawal, of First Bank of Nigeria worth about N230 million for the upgrade and renovation of Department of Political Science and International Studies and the purchase of a 26 seater bus for the department.

    Under him, the Nigerian Port Authority through its Managing Director and Executive Director Engineering services, both alumni secured fund for the renovation of Department of Civil Engineering and the purchase of two buses for use by the alumni association. Similarly, Department of Polymer and Textile Engineering received a bus and 10 desktop computer from the Director General Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMDC) to support teaching and research. 

    Also, under the able leadership of Prof. Ibrahim Garba, competent hands has been recruited across faculties in order to ease teaching and learning in the university.

    The achievements and successes Prof. Ibrahim Garba has recorded on the saddle as the vice chancellor of ABU, Zaria cannot be over emphasized and it is our collective prayers that God in His exalted capacity will throw him up for greater responsibility to this nation and by extension the entire globe, as he look forward to bow out with dignity and honour having served meritoriously and with utmost sincerity, patriotism, integrity, courage and dedication as vice chancellor of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. 

    A Golden fish has no hidden place, it is our hope that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari will deploy its binocular to fish out a golden fish in the person of Prof. Ibrahim Garba for greater responsibility to his father land and to afford him the opportunity to replicate his praise worthy achievements as the vice chancellor of ABU, Zaria.

    From: Barr. Abdulmalik Alfa, a legal practitioner based in Abuja and an Ex-student union president of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.  

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