Nigerian, Dr Kurfi Abubakar Muhammad Emerges 2019 Global Health Policy Fellows In USA

Dr Kurfi Abubakar Muhammad


Dr Kurfi Abubakar Muhammad, Head International Collaborations Divisions of the National Health  Insurance Scheme in Nigeria has been selected as one of the Global Health Policy Fellows in the  Centre for Policy Impact in Global Health at Duke University.

Dr Kurfi Abubakar is a medical doctor with a Master’s degree in Public Health and MBA in International Health Care Management from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Germany. 

He is presently an Assistant General Manager and Head of the International Collaboration  Divisions in the Planning, Research and Monitoring Department of the Nigerian National Health  Insurance Scheme (NHIS). 

His major responsibility is to coordinate and implement interventions with donors and implementing partners in order to advance the course of UHC in Nigeria, in addition Kurfi also convenes health and social science research under the NHIS with a focus on strengthening the  health financing system in order to improve the functioning of the health system. 

During the fellowship, Dr Kurfi will lead a research project on “Achieving Universal Health Coverage  in Nigeria? Does Quality of Care under the Nigeria National Health Insurance Scheme matter?”

The  research will focus on understanding how the global push for expanding coverage to Social Health  Insurance has paid attention to the quality of healthcare under the Nigerian National Health  Insurance Scheme (NHIS). It will also describe the overall quality of care received by patients under  the NHIS and Identify provider and patient characteristics associated with measured differences in  the quality of care. 

In addition, Kurfi’s research will determine if there is a difference in the quality of care between patients covered under the NHIS and those who are not. 

The overall goal is for the research to guide health policy formulation, diffusion and utilization in  Nigeria in order to expand coverage with Social Health Insurance in Nigeria.


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