Selfish, Crafty, Corrupt Politicians Remain Enemy To Ijaw Nation -Group

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State


The Ijaw People’s Development Initiative (IPDI), on Sunday January 12, said that ahead of Delta 2023, as much as, they will  support Ijaw governorship, selfish, crafty, corrupt politicians remain enemy of the Ijaw Nation

The National acting spokesman of the Ijaw People’s Development Initiative (IPDI), Mayor Timi Ogobiri stated this in a statement made available to AUTHENTIC News Daily  correspondent in Warri.

”Sorry, we can’t further risk our future. Our destiny. Our development. Our well being in the hands of deceptive, crafty, corrupt and selfish Delta Ijaw political opportunitists camounflaging as angels

”There shall be no place for corrupt and selfish politicians in Delta 2023 gubernatorial race.”

Timi lamented that, ”corrupt and selfish Ijaw politicians have done more evil to the Ijaw nation than external enemies.

”There was no sense in supporting a devil to be a church leader, hoping that it would repent, having knew who devil is.”

The activist stated, ”there was equally no sign showing that current selfish, crafty and corrupt Delta Ijaw politicians would do better if given the opportunity to served as governor.

”Tthere will be equally, no place for current serving Ijaw politicians who see governance as family affairs, farmland and community tea party in 2023 guber race.

“We are tired of being a ladder for such deceptive politicians to climb to enrich their pockets and families while the electorate are abandoned to die”

“We are tired of being in the street and ‘ll only support credible people who are ready to move the youths out from the street life”, Timi said.


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