Gombe State Indigenes Commend Gov Inuwa For Clearing Backlog Of Four Months Outstanding Salaries

File photo: Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe State turbaned with the traditional title of Wakilin Ilimin Nafada by the Emir of Nafada, Alhaji Muhammad Dadum Hamza.

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

The clearing of four months outstanding Salaries of the employees of Gombe State tertiary institutions by Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has generated positive commendations in praising the humane gesture of the governor.

The situation before now had grossly became topic of public discourse in and outside Gombe metropolitan City with divergence commends and views by many residence.

So many views suggest that the burden of funding such institutions had driven most of the local governments into perpetual debt and insolvent before the coming of Governor Yahaya’s administration. This is because all the newly established state tertiary institutions draw their fundings through a joint arrangement between the state Government and the 11 Local Government Councils on a 55/45 per cent ratio.

The Governor, in a surprise move has issued a press statement through his
Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Ismaila Uba Misili, directing the full payment of the outstanding salaries has gladden the hearts of the indigenes and now becomes the talk of the town.

Ahmed Ali, a business Man who sells consumables such as tea, coffee praised Governor Inuwa’s efforts in stabilizing the economy of the state.

According to him, no Governor has ever done what Governor Inuwa did, the clearing of backlog of salaries that runs into billions of naira in recent time surpasses other governors achievements in that regard.

“Yesterday and today I realized changes in people’s attitude towards shopping. There is tremendous increase in shopping by indigenes in the State which believed is due to the payment of the salaries of all verified workers of the state tertiary institutions as well as all the outstanding arrears. You can even see smiles on the faces of people which signal “joy in the land” and things are well.

The institutions are Gombe State University of Science and Technology, Kumo, College of Education, Billiri, Gombe State Polytechnic and Bajoga. Others are College of Health Technology, Kaltungo as well as College of Legal and Islamic Studies Nafada.

The Salary payments of the above institutes according to John Buba, a staff with College of Health Technology Kaltungo has earned the Governor their hearts, who keep to his words at the time they are least expecting it to be acted within this soonest time.

“Governor Yahaya has taken education as one of his administration’s priority, with this single gesture he convinced the people of Gombe State that he is out to resuscitate the education sector in the state.

“May I also say that we are going to keep pact of our relationship with the government by complementing the gesture with productive work for the overall development of the sector.” John said

Buba further reiterate that though it is their right and entitlement but the Governor has really tried in taken the bull by its horns by offsetting these salaries that worth millions of naira from a state like Gombe that we all know has limited resources at its disposal due to the fact that its internal generated revenue is low.

Hajiya Bintu, a Market woman who deals on rappers and beddings at Gombe Central Market, extolled Governor Inuwa’s focused administration to be peoples driven.

She revealed that administration of Gov Yahaya major weakness that attracts negative commends was due to the non payment of salaries to the staff of state owned higher institutions.

Bintu said, Inuwa is indeed a rescuer whose mission is to develop humanity through sound education and people at the grassroots which is widely believe to have more dependents should feel the impact of good governance.

While praising the Governor, she took time to enjoin the people of Gombe to be patient with the present government under Inuwa’s watch and pray for him to succeed as she believe he met many administrative challenges when he came on board.

The Commissioner, Ministry of Higher Education, Meshach Lauco, while commending the Governor, said Yayaha is a prudent Man, full with high sense of transparent abilities and managerial skills driven fellow to have source money in billions of naira to offset the backlog salaries of the tertiary institutions and paid Local governments workers without borrowing as was the case before.

Meshach described Governor Yahaya as an enigma unto good works who despite inherited problems of indebtedness of undue loans from the previous government was able to pay four months salaries to five tertiary institutions within a short period of time.

He said, Inuwa is a God sent to the people of Gombe State and his disposition to the issues of governance is people’s focused, he called on the people to give the maximum support to achieve his key agenda targeted for them.

While calling on heads of Schools, Staff of the state owned higher institutions to redouble their efforts in complementing the giant strides exhibited recently by the Governor, he said their selfless service should commence in earnest.


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